Ciate Mini Mani Month 2015 swatches

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I know I'm late, but we all know what they say: Better late than NEVER!. 

For all of you who don't know this already I bought 3 advent calenders in October and I patiently (more or less) waited on the 1st of December to start opening the windows. 
Today I finally prepared swatches of Ciate Mini Mani Month advent calendar.

I forgot to take better pictures of the calender so I only have this one.

Inside every window there was a mini Ciate nail polish (only in window 24 there was a full size nail polish and on day 9 I got a glass nail file) and a pretty quote that made me feel special or it just made my day.

After all of the 24 days here is the outcome:
Isn't it a nail polish heaven?

What about the polishes?
I must admit! This was my first time at wearing Ciate nail polishes, and I must say I'm really impressed with them! I definitely have to get myself more of them!

Now, here are the swatches of all coloured nail polishes:

hierloom (3 coats)

ahoy sailor (2 coats)

cutie pie (4 coats)

cookies & cream (2 coats) and miracle on 34th (ring finger)

hutch (3 coats)

dangerous affair (3 coats)

 dangerous affair and snow globe (1 coat)

prima ballerina (2 coats)

prima ballerina and check mate (1 coat)

shady lady (2 coats, although one would suffice)

 A list (2 coats)

birthday blue (2 coats)

raspberry collins (2 coats)

raspberry collins and purple rain-bow (1 coat over pink)

double bubble gum (2 coats) and chalet chic

pom pom (2 coats)

life's a peach (2 coats)

life's a peach and rom com rouge (1 coat- a full size bottle)

Besides all of the polishes above there was also a few other things in the calendar:
knight in shining armour (nail mask)
bloom boost (nail illuminator)
nail gym (nail hardener)
and a glass file

The verdict:
I'm really happy I bought myself this set. This is probably the best product(s) I bought in the last year. I do hope Ciate will continue with advent calendars, because this one had it all (a little of nail art, nail care, glitter, cremes.... combined with pretty packaging and positive messages).
I do like that the full size bottle is a glitter, because you can use it over anything.
I do like that there are a few nail care products included, so you can try out the mini version before buying the big one.
I do like that there are a lot of different colours and finishes inside (I'm really happy that there is no yellow since I'm not a fan, but I do miss green. But you know what:one can not have it all)
I really do not like the nail file, because it is really small and hard to use (but can be practical on the go).

Did you buy yourself this calendar?


  1. OMG> i love all the nail colors.. amazing shades..
    Keep in touch
    ***MY NEW POST***

    1. Aruba Khan, I love them too =). Thank you for your comment!

  2. All of these polishes are gorgeous! I was given one of the Ciate advent calendars a couple years ago and it had Cookies'n'Cream and a couple other polishes so it was nice to see swatches of polishes I already own. Thanks for sharing!

    1. NikkisNailFiles, I hope you enjoyed opening windows as much as I did =). Cookies and Cream is a wonderful nail polish =)

  3. mogu samo reći da sam pretužna jer tu nigdje nisam našla na adventske kalendare... osim čokoladnih :/
    nadam se da ćeš pokazati i essence i look by bipa, živo me interesiraju :D

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  5. satta king
    play bazaar kon kaheta hai taj mahel banane ke lie dolat nahi milti.
    taj mahel banane ke lie dolat to milti he magar mohbatt karne ke lie mumtaj nahi milti.


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