Colour base with black- Challenge No. 5

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It's time for the 5th manicure in our B&W challenge!

For today I didn't have time to prepare something special, so I'll post one manicure from my old files =). 
After looking at this pictures I think I could post this one also as the first manicure in our challenge since it looks like black and white, but actually it isn't. It is a light silver base with loads of multicoloured glitter. 
I got this polish in a swap with lovely Amanda from The nail polish enthusiast. She is really one of the sweetest persons I know =).

(this picture was intentionaly left a bit smaller, because I'm really ashamed of that cuticle sticking out of my nail. I should really be ashamed of myself, how I lowered the quality on this blog)

 I also added stamping. And because I discovered that I constantly use the same images and some weren't even once on my nails I decided to give design from M51 plate a try. I must admit that it doesn't look all that bad on the nails. I actually  liked it, and because of this I decided that I'll make sure that I'll use all of my designs from konad image plates at least once =)).
 I do hope I won't regret my decision =).

Here is what I ended up with:

( also the stamping isn't perfect, but I'll survive)
Do you like it?

Here is the list of all the items I used:
Picture polish in Sparkle
Konad M51
Konad Black

Here are all the other amazing girls that are participating in this challenge:


  1. j ne vidim nikakve probleme s pecatom, super izgleda :)

  2. Oooh, that is really pretty! :)

  3. This looks so good! I really like that plate actually, and you rock it!

  4. Pa mimogrede, na najinem blogu te čakata tag in nagrada :D

  5. Love your stamping here! Beautiful :)

  6. hej, ni tebe nema, šta je ovo neka epidemija :-(
    nadam se da si dobro i da ćeš nam se brzo vratit (i ozdravit ako je to u pitanju) <3

  7. I tagged you on my blog in a Get To Know You Tag! Feel free to check it out!


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