Depend polishes in SLO!

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Hi girls? How have you been?

Today I'm not going to be very long, because I'm in serious lack of time =).
The first thing I'm going to show you my recent hauls:
You can see that we have now Depend available in SLO. I just had to pick 2 colours =).
Also a while ago I made a purchase in one Turkish internet store and I'm planning to review the customer services and polishes, but I'm also planning to show you 2 swaps that I haven't showed you the pictures yet =). 
To make my decision easier please let me know what would you like to see next(besides my manicures).

Also because I realised that I don't like crackle effect with black polishes, I decided I'm going to give a lila crackle a chance, and since they only cost 2,1€, I just had to try it out. Because the pink part of the duo nail polish looked perfect after 2 days, I decided I'm going to applay this crackle to it. 
Here are the pictures of what I ended up with:

First 2 shade the last on sun =)
It was one of the rear crackle manicures I liked =)
Maybe I'll buy some crackles now since I liked this one, but I already know that I'm going to rush into buying the crackle effect polishes and I won't be happy with them in the end.
What do you think about this manicure?
It lasted 4 days on my nails almost without tip wear, but today I was so nervous(I had to learn) that I just "eat the polish off". Mmmmmm, that was delicious=(. 


  1. Love it! The purple crackle is so pretty!

  2. Oh depend, lucky you pink&purple combo is pretty :)

  3. I love the design purple and pink look very beautiful togther!I love crackle effect.

  4. Jaz pa še kar nisem prišla do DM-a, da bi pogledala Depend lake...

  5. Pokaži, ka si dobila v swapu, sem zelo radovedna, kar se teh stvari tiče.
    Zadnjič sem vzela 2 Depend crackle laka, ampak še čakata, da ju preizkusim. Tudi tega lila moram kupiti, ker sem ga gledala že v Bolgariji, ampak ga potem nisem vzela.

  6. Jaz sem bila vesela ko radio ko sem videla Dependke v DMu! :D Zakon, da so tu, pa še cenejši!

  7. fantastično puca!!!
    nadam se da dođu i do nas :-)
    ma super mi je manikura :-D

  8. p.s. sad me baš živo zanima gdje se to u turskoj šopingirala ;-)

  9. this nail polish with crackle effect is nice! :) i love the colour combo you did!

  10. This is such a nice combination!

    I follow your blog now for a pretty long time and maybe you followed mine on Melaniesnailpolish (The Color Palette), but I moved to a new blog that fits my ideas. Maybe you would like to take a look at
    Maybe I see you there :)

  11. Great haul!!
    Can't wait to see the details!!
    Great combo!!
    I really love it!

  12. I really love these shades of color !

    If you like french fashion, you should check out my blog, and maybe follow it if you like it and wanna be the first to know when I post ;)


  13. opet si nestala!?
    vraaaati se, vraaaati se...

  14. Where did you buy those Golden Rose holos?? Please swatch them first!!!

  15. nice products
    I just order 2 new goldenrose holo's there so pretty

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  17. Hi... I live in Turkey and if you're interested in Turkish polish, maybe we can do a swap.. :) Like you blog by the way... And I'm really curios about your comments on Golden Rose. Did you ever try Flormar? That's another Turkish brand...

  18. It looks so pretty and delicate.


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