O.B.I. nail polish remover( Melon flavoured)

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In this post I'm gonna review another product from Born Pretty store. As I already wrote in the title I'm going to tell you something about O.B.I. nail polish remover ( No.2 on the picture below)

To tell you honestly, I really didn't expect a product like that. I imagined that the pads inside will be approximately as big and thick as cotton pads I usually use for my nail polish removal, but they weren't. Here is a size and thickness comparison (I'm sorry for the crappy fist picture):

O.B.I. pad is on the left, and normal cotton pad is on the right

Thickness comparison: The thinnest is O.B.I. pad and the thickest is a normal  cotton pad
 It was really finny when I was holding the pad, since I'm not used to such thin pads, but I got the hang of it pretty fast. 
This was my first surprise, but that  wasn't all. When I opened the round box I expected to get a strong smell of a nail polish remover combined with a  melon smell, but there was only a pleasant and soft  melon smell. My first thought was: There is NO WAY this thing will remove nail polish from my nails!, but I was wrong again. It removed nail polish easily and really fast, and the best part of it, was(besides a pleasant smell) that it is full of oils so it didn't dry out my nails as removers usually do.

 I used 3 pads per hand . And you can see that I tried my best not tu use them a lot since I'd like do use them again. and again and again....

 One package contains 32 pads and it will probably last me for 5 removals. 

On the picture below(another crappy picture!) you can see how my nails shines after the removal, and I swear that I didn't apply anything on my nails. 

Also I'm sorry for the badly stained nail , I still haven't found a base coat that would prevent the yellow stains on them. 

The price for one package is 1.65$ which is not a lot for 5 removals that don't dry out your nails. I strongly recommend this to you, because it doesn't smell bad,  it removes nail polish really nicely and doesn't dry out the nail. What else do you want from a nail polish remover?

Coming up next: the crackle polish !


  1. Uuuuu pa je res super. Imam že polno glavo acetona, sploh pozimi ko bolj težko prezračim. :))

  2. oh wow! that worked really well!! awesome! :)

  3. Not bad for a nail polish remover pad!

    I tagged you back on my blog! =)
    its http://fillmyheadwithglitter.blogspot.com/

  4. uf ja obicnog odstranjivaca previse koristim, od ovakvih stvari bi vjerojatno bankrotirala ^_^

  5. Rub some lemon on your nails prior to applying a bsecoat. This will clean any yellowing of the nail.

  6. Nice.
    I will be waiting for next post.

    Follow me if u want.
    xoxo ;*

  7. This is nice i normally use these kind of pads to remove my nail polish but not melon flavoureed :)

  8. Zveni res super, le malo število odstranjevanj na škatlico je malce bedno. Jaz imam navado razrezati blaznico na štiri dele, bi se s temi to dalo, glede na to, da so manjše in tanjše? :)

  9. Ivana, s tega stališča so res super, ampak glede na to, da če bi jih naročila danes, bi pomoje ko bi prišli bilo že konec zime =).

    Katrina, thank you. They really impressed me =)

    Camile, tnx for the tag =). I agree, not bad for a remover pad =)

    Jan, I totally agree=)

    Renate, it does look great. I wish they would sell something like that in a drugstore =).

    Lendoxia, če pogledaš s strani množične uporabe, se pa finančno kar pozna =(. Še posebej če si študent.

    Kimmie, thank you for your advice. I'll definitely try it =)

    lady flower, thank you =)

    Beauty Shades, this is wonderful, I really wish I could get them in a drug store =).

    Ulimel, Malo število je res bedno, ampak kdaj za izjemo je pa vredu =). Pomoje se nebi dalo razrezati na 4 dele, ker sem se že z eno sama rabila malo mučiti, da sem dosegla kaj, ker so res zelo tanke. Jih bom nekaj prišparala, pa ti jih bom zraven verižice dala za testiranje =).

    nail crazy, res so super =)


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