Going blue again

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Hi, today I have another kanadicure for you. I used my favourite blue polish and my favourite design from Konad plates. Now you are probably asking yourselves which one is my favourite blue and which design is my favourite. I think that the next pictures will reveal my favourite design, do you recognise it?

I bet you did it is from m64 image plate.
I used 2 coats of Maybeline NY Colorama party blue and Avon Splendid Blue for stamping. I also added a coat of Essie good to go. 
Here is another picture of my manicure which I've been vearing for 3 days =)

 I almost forgot to write down which one of these blue polishes is my favourite. What do you thin? Well I decided I won't bore you any more, it is Splendid Blue that stole my heart( swatches 2 post ago). 

and another picture
I know, totally boring post, but I had nothing shocking to write =).
Do you like the final look?
Which blue is your favourite so for? Which stamping pattern do you like the most?


  1. i also love blue polish. nice design by the way. i will get that m65 plate too! =)

  2. divna kombinacija, a partyblue mi je genijalna nijansa

  3. Zelo lepo in kako perfektno odtisnjen vzorček! <3

  4. I love it :) Also, is that essie topcoat really good?? It looks like it didn't smear ANYTHING. Is it better than Seche Vite??

  5. so pretty! I need more konad plates lol

  6. rosey, tnx. IMO m64 is the best, since I like all the designs on it =)

    Helena, hvala =)

    Lendoxia, party blue je res poseben, ampak meni sam ni preveč všeč, ker nimam praveč rada pastelnih barv, s konadom je pa super =)

    Nail Designs, thank you =)

    Ivana, hvala ti, ampak se še vedno lahko skrijem za tvojimi kombinacijami =)

    Kelly, I don't own Seche Vite, but I think that every top coat works perfectly if you wait about 10 minutes that design dries completely and you apply it with only 2 or 3 brush strokes. I tried a few top coats and the result was practically the same =). I hope this was helpful =)

    Janna, I am alway in the need for at least 2 more, but sine I want so many plates I decided I really have to use them =)

  7. ma super mi je :-)
    mene napala lijenost,samo na brzinu nalakiran nokte i nemam volje za konad :-/

  8. Prekrasno... ma nemam riječi.. savršeno.. :)))

  9. Hello there! I've tagged you with a Stylish Blogger award here. :D Thanks for being so awesome!

    I love this mani. <3

  10. Taya, hvala =)

    nail crazy, Upam da te bo lenoba hitro minila. Sama sem ponavadi tudi zelo lena in se mi ne da štampiljkati, ampak imam res veliko vzorčkov in jih res MORAM uporabljati, da se na njih ne nabira prah. *blush* =)

    Lalica, hvala ti =)

    ABOP, thank you =)

    Zara, I like it too =)

    Kendal, Tnx for the award, I think your blog is awesome too. =)

    Silence is loud, This design is really something special =)

  11. Kamila, thank you =). I loved this combo soo much that I put it on for almost 5 days, which never happened before =)


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