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Hi! I'm sorry for the lack of posting for a while now, but I really lost my inspiration for nails. I don't know what happened, but my nails were bare form last Friday to yesterday, they would be naked for even a longer period of time, but I just got my Born Pretty package to review  and I had to paint them. I hope this will restore my polishing power =). 

Anyway I got an award from a lot of bloggers lately and I really think that it would probably be a perfect time to write a post only about awards =)

The first one is stylish blog award.
I got it from Martje, Ulimel, Kelly,  Polish lava and Lendoxia.
Thank you girls I'm really flattered that so many of you gave me this award=).
To all of my followers:
 If you haven't checked their blogs, you really don't know what you are missing. So what are you waiting for? You are just a click away from beautiful nails, comparisons, nails art designs...=)

To continue with the award. This is what I got:
And of course there are rules for every reward:
1. Thank and link the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers to tell them about this award

Here is the 7 things about me:

1. I love music, I probably wouldn't survive without it. If I really like a song it is not a problem for me to hear it for 17950533 times =)

2. I really want to have a nail polish brand called Colorful Bottles =) (Dream on Dolores =O)

3. I love nature=).

4.My ideas are sometimes really crazy to others at first tough, but in the end they use my idea =). Which reminds me, I really have to show you some pictures from my last crazy idea =)

5. I just love making things with my hands, but you probably know  this since I have another blog =)

6. I love swimming but hate wearing swimming suit =O, so I just don't go at the seaside or in the pool =)

7. Cleaning bathroom is the only housekeeping work that I love =)

So this is it! I hope I didn't lose 99,9% of my readers now =)

The award also say that I have to tag 15 recently discovered blogs. 
Here they are:
Rebecca is a really sweet person, I'm really honored to know her  and she also has amazing nails =)

For the end I'd like to say one more thing. I just reach 233 followers and I really never expected to have so many lovely readers, so thank you all for reading and commenting. 
Here is a flower for all of you!

Edit: My friend just started a blog about MU, I think she would be really happy if you payed a visit from time to time =)


  1. thank you girl..
    I appriciate it a lot!!
    I love your blog!!

    congrats to the other girls!!

  2. :) a sad idem skicat tagane cure :)

  3. Renate, you deserve it =). I'm sorry you had to discover that you have been awarded. I totally forgot to warn all the bloggers =)

    Lendoxia, upam da ti je bil kateri blog izmed tagganih všeč =)

  4. loodie loodie loodie, you're welcome. Your blog is amazing, full of good nail care tips and you have beautiful nails =). You've earned it =)

  5. aw thanks so much! you're so sweet, and i love reading your posts!

    x Elize

  6. happy accesories and Elize, you're welcome =)

    21stCenturyHippy, I'm really glad it made your day =)


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