I'm back

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Hi there, I'm still alive, just didn't have energy to write, but I'm back now. 
 I have quite some things to tell you...
I cut my nails down completely last Friday, because something is wrong with ma left hand middle finger, and I also decided I won't polish them for 14 days. In the mean time I will have 3 small giveavays and I will also publish some old pictures of my nails. 

I would also like to say how happy I am, because I have more than 100 followers( I never expected it). Thank you all for your comments, they really make me happy =). 

As I said before I'll have 3 mini giveaways. The fist one is going to open on the 15th, the second on the 20th and the third on the 25th. They will all end on the 29th of January. 
I'm having this giveavays because it is Christmas time and I also have to celebrate my six months anniversary of blogging (January 29th) . 
For every giveaway I'll create a page on my blog, and you'll be able to participate by leaving a comment there.
Feel free to join them =) 

Here are the pictures of small presents

Did I mention that with every giveaway the winner will also have to pick one piece of jewellery from my second blog Treasure Box ( Don't worry, I have lots of pictures just waiting to be published there)


  1. Great to have you back. And awesome giveaways, really generous of you. :) I don't think I could be with my naked nails for 14 days, they'd break in a second.

  2. Ulimel, tnx for your welcome back comment =).
    My nails would break too if they were loong, but they are little nubbins now so there is no fear =).
    But I must admit, polishing got under my skin and after only 5 days without polishing I'm seriously thinking that I would change my decision =)

  3. No polish for two weeks, oh apocalipse I say ^_^

  4. Lendoxia, you are right, I'm having a big crysis now, but I still know that my nails have to rest a bit =)

  5. Dobrodošla nazaj :) 2 tedna brez laka bi bila pa težka pri meni :/

  6. Ina, hvala=). Tudi za mene je že malce "naporno" =)


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