Calm or Wild ?

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Do you wanna know how stupid I am? 
Sure you do =).
I'm not a big fan of word verification ( but I don't mind that some of you have it) , and since I never had to write the verification words when I commented on my blog, I thought that I turned it off, but it was on the whole 4 months. 
So how stupid am I that it took me 4 months to figure this out? 
Yes, I know, pretty dumb... 
Well at least I turned it of now ( I hope so)

To continue with the polish. I wore this polish almost a week ago. It is called Calm/Wild. For those of you who haven't figured it out, I'm talking about a Claire's Mood polish=). I was really happy that Ivana sent this one to me that I can finally play with the color changing polish =). 

Thank you Ivana. 

I applied 2 coats, polish dried quickly with a satin finish, but sadly it didn't last longer than a day and a half.

Here are the pictures:

Pink is for those who are wild and purple is for those who are calm. My hands are really cold, so I guess I'm a calm person =).

 Sadly the polish didn't change the color on the tips differently as on my nail beds. 
And because I wanted to see the color change I had to put my nails into hot water. 
It turned pink and I became wild =)

And then I put my nails into cold water. I was calm again =)

Do you own any color changing polishes? 

Thank you all for answering on the pool and to those who are going to answer  =)


  1. I do have some mood polishes but don't wear them too much because I feel like my nails need to be just a big longer to really show the color change (and of course the weather can't be too hot or too cold, etc.) They're fun and usually pretty cheap so I keep buying them. :)

  2. LMAO you are not stupid. That's a perfectly reasonable mistake.

    I love this polish!! It's so pretty.
    I don't own any mood stuff *sad face* but someday maybe.

  3. Hi, I answered the poll ;).
    Oh god that word verification thing, sometimes I leave some blogs, and forget about that verification thing, than I leave a nice comment, and to my surprise my comment never made it :(.
    It's fun to play with those mood ones, right?
    sucks that they don't last though.

  4. this is my fav polish out of all the mood polishes and it is in my list of top 10 polishes.

    I wish the bottle was a bit bigger

  5. Prekrasno :)

    Imam ovaj lak i očarana sam, mogla bi se danima igrat s njim. Tako duuuugo mi je bio na wish listi.

  6. Krasan je,premda se meni verzija calm puno više sviđa nego wild :-)

  7. I have this on right now! lol. I just played with the hot and cold water since my hands are freezing and the change isn't showing as a funky french =[ great pics!

  8. Wow, it looks so cool that a nailpolish is changing it's colour! :) I really have to buy that one! But does the colour stay when you take the nails out of the water and let them get cold again?

  9. Super zgleda! :) So pa res zelo dobri za igranje z vodo. :D

    Tole preverjanje z besedo mene sicer ne moti, ampak včasih napišem komentar in pošljem, nato pregledam še ostale zavihke in šele po uri ali več opazim, da je treba vpisati besedo. Včasih pa kar prekinem in pozabim. :D Ampak zadnje čase dobim več spama, kar pa tudi ni najbolj prijetno :/

  10. KarenD, I totally agree about the color change, and the weather.
    Lucky you, where I live they aren't available =(.

    ChaosButterfly,thank you for making me feel better =). I hope you get at least one color changing polish soon =)

    Arie, thank you for answering the pool, it really means a lot =). I sometimes forgot to enther the word and then close the window to *blush*.
    It is definitely fun playing with this polish, but you are right about the staying time.

    shortwidenails, If this one was mine, it would definitely be in the top 10 too.
    I agree about the size =)

    Tassa, hvala =)

  11. Lalica, hvala ti =). Kaj še čakaš, na hitro na lakiranje =P

    Color crazy, tudi meni je bolj všeč calm verzija ^-^

    Janna, It looks like this polish isn't perfect for winter, since our hands are cold at winter =).
    Tnx for the comment on pictures =)

    Katy, If you have something like that avalable in your shops, I really recomand a polish like that, because it is fun playing wit it. If you take it out of the water the color "adjusts" to the temperature of the room. In this case, the color was slowly becoming purple =)

    Ivana, hvala, ker si mi omogočila igranje s tem lakom =).
    To se pri teh preverjanjih z besedo dogaja tudi meni, zato jih tudi nimam najraje, ampak poglej to ironijo, ravno jaz sem ga imela, pa sem bila prepričana da ga nimam *blush*.

    Spam pa po drugi strani tudi ni prijeten =(.


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