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Today I have pictures from a polish called 160 for you. This polish definitely has the most "beautiful" name. Don't you agree? 
Luckily the name is the only thing I hate about the polish=D. It applied perfectly, was opaque in two coats, and didn't chip at all. In the pictures you can see that there is nearly invisible tip wear( the pictures were taken after 2 days of wear). 

Here are the pictures:


I also have a problem with Miss Sporty, because on their web page their polishes have real names, but in our stores polishes have only numbers =(

What do you think about that? Do you have the same problem with Miss Sporty in your country?


  1. OMG, what a perfect red! I do have Miss Sporty here in the Netherlands but our drugstores don't seem to have all the assortment -- they're kinda boring around here.. But I do own a orange one from the brand and it's my top favorite for the summer. It's opaque in one coat and it's so bright and pretty!

  2. uf lijepo izgleda, a bas mi treba neka lijepa crvena :)

  3. Thifa, tnx for stopping by =). I think I have that orange too, and I love it too =)

    Lendoxia, ovaj lak je svarno super, boja i nanos =)

  4. This looks really pretty on you!
    And bleh, numbers as names are terrible. Someone wouldn't name a child 465...why would they do it to nail polish? It's so sad. :(

  5. ChaosButterfly, thank you=).

    I totally agree with you on that, but who knows maybe there is a science or a mathematical geek somewhere that really did that =O

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