Ebelin Nagellackentfernertücher review

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As I wrote in my post yesterday I have a review for you today. I am going to review this:Look what was inside the box:

There are 10 wet pads packed in 10 smaller packages where they are well protected from evaporating. I bought them for about 0,6€, because I am going to Czech Rep. soon, and I don't want to carry remover with me.
The package says acetone free(is is not listed upon ingredients) and that they are for removing nail polish, but there isn't mentioned that you have to use nail polish remover with it(I'll explain that later).

I found that in the small package
This pad smelled nicely, the smell wasn't even close to any nail polish remover I've smelled (I was really surprised). I had to test it on my yesterday's marble.
Here you can see what happened after 3 minutes of scrubbing: NOTHING

Because nothing happened I added a bit of nail polish remover.....look what happened now. I removed marble from both hands in short time.

Pros+ -nice smell
- one per 2 hands(with added nail polish remover)
-easy, quick (with added NPR)
-no small cotton threads on nails after removal( I normally use cotton pads)
-you can use it as a moisturizer, or just to make your hands smell nice
-small packages
-you must have a nail polish remover with you

Summary: This product didn't impress me much, because you must have polish remover with you. Because I have no other options, I bought myself a tiny remover bottle and I'll take it with me on my short "Euro trip".

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