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Today I have another review for you! 

We all know Born Pretty Store. Here is a link to their nail art department where they have tons of nail art related items: stamping plates, glitters, rhinestones, dotting tools, brushes, foils and many other items. 
Pay them a visit, you won't regret it, nether will your wallet since their assortment is relatively cheap and they also offered a special coupon code (see below)!

Here is the image plate:

You can find it here! It cost's 5,99$, but it is currently out of stock (why not, this plate is absolutely stunning and the only plate you'll need this winter)

Snowflake design: 
width:3 cm

lenght:5,4 cm

Full nail designs:
width 1,9 cm

lenght:2,2 cm

Smaller designs
aproximitely 1 cm x 1 cm


I used it many times, but I still didn't tried all of the designs. Designs are very well engraved, because the designs transfer crisp to the nails. It is quite heavy, this gives it a high quality feel. The backing is secured with hard plastics, so no sharp edges! It comes with a pretty cardboard pocket, where it can be stored between usages. The only downside for me is that all the plates have the same pocket so if you have a lot of this plates it is harder to find the one you want, but this can easily be solved by marking the pockets =). 

a lot of designs
well engraved- crisp image transfer
low price considering the amount of designs
no sharp edges
quality production

This is not a real fault, but I don't like that all the pockets for storing the plates are the same (can be solved with marking the pockets)

Overall, I'm really impressed with this one. I really wasn't expecting this quality.

Here are some of examples on how to use this plate:

Now who could resist this image plate? I really have to get some more of these plates, because they have a lot of different designs! (I already ordered 2, and they are just waiting for me to use them)

They were kind to offer a 10% OFF coupon code. Use COLLX31 at the checkout!

This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes (see my disclosure)


  1. Ta šablona je na poti tudi k meni!!! Komaj čakam, da jo stestiram. :) Zadnja sweater manikira je čudovita! <3

    1. Katja, ker tako hitro odgovovarjam sklepam da je ta šablona zdaj že pošteno obrabljena =). Hvala za tako lep komentar!

  2. Zadnja slika, tvoj bel noht z rdecim....aaaaa, leeeepo!!!!

    1. Hvala Sabina, nisem videla tvojega komentarja =). Ta zadnja manikura je tudi meni zelo všeč (sem najboljše pustila za na konec)


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