Avon care cocoa butter - Avonovi izdelki za nego s kakavovim maslom

Hi girls! Today I'll write something about Avon personal care products that are enriched with cocoa butter. Since I received these products for a review this post will also bi in Slovenian language.

Pozdravljena dekleta! Tokrat sem za vas pripravila popolnoma drugačno objavo. Ker me je Avonova ekipa prijetno presenetila z izdelki za nego s kakavovi maslom, bom tokrat z vami delila moje mnenje o izdelkih za nego telesa.

I received 3 product from Avon care line with cocoa butter:
-body lotion
-rich cream
-lip butter

Prejela sem 3 izdelke iz linije Avon care, ki vsebuje kakavovo maslo:
- losjon za telo 
-bogata krema za obraz, roke in telo
-maslo za ustnice

cocoa butter body lotion for dry skin/losjon za telo s kakavovim maslom in vitaminom E za suho kožo

Their description: This lightweight fast absorbing body lotion is enriched with Cocoa butter and Vitamin E and provides all day moisturisation , leaving skin with a natural and healthy glow. 
It was supposed to be hypo-allergenic.
It contains 400 mL of products

My opinion: I love the smell! It smells like cocoa butter, but the smell is not too strong or overpowering. The smell is not present on the skin for a long time. It really absorbs fast and does not leave a film on the skin. My skin felt soft. I must admit that I do not like the color of the packaging, because I'm not a fan of brown, but I do think the packaging looks pretty.

Avonov opis izdelka: Ta lahkoten hitro vpijajoč losjon za telo je obogaten s kakavovim maslom in vitaminom E ter zagotavlja celodnevno vlaženje., koži podari naraven sijaj. Hipoalergenski. Ni masten.
Vsebuje 400 mL izdelka.
Cena izdelka: 7€ (v aktualnem katalogu le 3,8 €)

Moje menje: Vonj izdelka mi je zelo všeč, sam vonj se mi ne zdi premočan, s kože pa izgine preden se ga naveličaš =). Losjon se hitro vpije, na koži pa ne pusti filma. Po njegovi zaslugi pa je moja koža negovana in mehka. Barva embalaže me mogoče ne prepriča najbolj, saj nisem ljubiteljica rjave barve, vendar pa je na koncu pomebna vsebina in ne embalaža.

cocoa butter rich cream for dry skin / bogata krema za roke, obraz in telo s kakavovim maslo in vitaminom E
My opinion: This one has the same smell as body lotion. Again I really like this smell, it is not strong and overpowering.  The texture is a bit more "watery" than the lotion, making it a bit more light and absorbent than the lotion. I did not use it on my face since I have a bit oily skin there. I used it mainly on my hands through the day and I must say that unlike many this one does not leave a thick film on my hands ( I do feel a little something there, but compared to many hand creams it is minimal). 
It contains 400 mL of product.

Moje mnenje: Vonj je enak kot pri losjonu, prav tako mi je ta vonj zelo všeč. Krema ima bolj "vodeno" teksturo in je bolj prosojna od losjona. Občutek imam, da se malenkost prej vpije. Ker imam na obrazu bolj mastno kožo, sem kremo večinoma uporabljala kot kremo za roke. Pri tej kremi mi je bilo zelo všeč to, da ni pustila na rokah debelega filma (no, film je že bil tam, ampak v primerjavi z drugimi kremami za roke, je bil občutek manj moteč).
Vsebuje 400 mL kreme.
Cena izdelka: 4,6€ ( v aktualnem katalogu le 2,5€) 

cocoa butter lip butter / maslo za ustnice s kakavovim maslom in vitaminom E
Their description: Conditioning lip butter instantly smoothes and softens dry,chipped lips.
It contains 10 mL of product.
My  opinion: This is defenitely my favourite product out of the bunch. I had the opportunity to wear it last week when the temperature was -10°C and I must say that if I did not had this one on my lips I would have dried out lips today. It is a bit greasy but not stickey. It creates a nice protection film that is really long lasting (usually I have to reapply my lip balm ever half a hour, but this one was there for 2-3 hours). It is really thick so it is a bit harder to get out of the packaging, but this can be an advantage to =).

Njihov opis izdelka: Negovalno maslo za ustnice zgladi in zmehča suhe, razpokane ustnice.
Vsebuje 10 mL izdelka.
Cena: 4€ (v aktualnem katalogu le 2,6€)

Moje menje: Izmed vseh teh izdelkov je maslo za ustnice defenitivno meni najljubše. Zaradi negativnih temperatur iz prejšnjega tedna, sem lahko maslo testirala v bolj neprijaznem okolju. Odrezalo se je z odliko, saj je mojim ustnicam nudilo popolno zaščito. Maslo je mastno, vendar na ustnicah ni lepljivo. V primerjavi z drugimi izdelki za nego ustnice je zelo obstojeno, saj se na ustnicah obdrži 2-3 ure. Maslo je zelo gosto, zato je pri stiskanju masla iz embalaže potrebno uporabiti malo večjo silo, ampak mene to ne moti.

Na spodnji sliki je primerjava v teksturi med losjonom, kremo in maslom za ustnice (na žalost se na sliki ne vidi najbolje). Krema je malenkost bolj prosojna od losjona in ima bolj vodeno teksturo. Maslo je zelo gosto in kompaktno.

Izdelki Avon care s kakavovim maslom se mi zdijo idealni za zimski čas, ko je koža še bolj razdražena in suha, saj so zelo hranljivi.

Besides this three products there are also two other products in this line: hand crème for nails and cuticle and body butter.

Poleg zgoraj omenjenih izdelkov lahko v liniji s kakavovim maslom najdete tudi kremo za roke, nohte in obnohtno kožico ter maslo za telo.
Za novice lahko spremljaš avon tudi na njihovi Facebook strani.

Ciate Mini Mani Month 2015 swatches


I know I'm late, but we all know what they say: Better late than NEVER!. 

For all of you who don't know this already I bought 3 advent calenders in October and I patiently (more or less) waited on the 1st of December to start opening the windows. 
Today I finally prepared swatches of Ciate Mini Mani Month advent calendar.

I forgot to take better pictures of the calender so I only have this one.

Inside every window there was a mini Ciate nail polish (only in window 24 there was a full size nail polish and on day 9 I got a glass nail file) and a pretty quote that made me feel special or it just made my day.

After all of the 24 days here is the outcome:
Isn't it a nail polish heaven?

What about the polishes?
I must admit! This was my first time at wearing Ciate nail polishes, and I must say I'm really impressed with them! I definitely have to get myself more of them!

Now, here are the swatches of all coloured nail polishes:

hierloom (3 coats)

ahoy sailor (2 coats)

cutie pie (4 coats)

cookies & cream (2 coats) and miracle on 34th (ring finger)

hutch (3 coats)

dangerous affair (3 coats)

 dangerous affair and snow globe (1 coat)

prima ballerina (2 coats)

prima ballerina and check mate (1 coat)

shady lady (2 coats, although one would suffice)

 A list (2 coats)

birthday blue (2 coats)

raspberry collins (2 coats)

raspberry collins and purple rain-bow (1 coat over pink)

double bubble gum (2 coats) and chalet chic

pom pom (2 coats)

life's a peach (2 coats)

life's a peach and rom com rouge (1 coat- a full size bottle)

Besides all of the polishes above there was also a few other things in the calendar:
knight in shining armour (nail mask)
bloom boost (nail illuminator)
nail gym (nail hardener)
and a glass file

The verdict:
I'm really happy I bought myself this set. This is probably the best product(s) I bought in the last year. I do hope Ciate will continue with advent calendars, because this one had it all (a little of nail art, nail care, glitter, cremes.... combined with pretty packaging and positive messages).
I do like that the full size bottle is a glitter, because you can use it over anything.
I do like that there are a few nail care products included, so you can try out the mini version before buying the big one.
I do like that there are a lot of different colours and finishes inside (I'm really happy that there is no yellow since I'm not a fan, but I do miss green. But you know what:one can not have it all)
I really do not like the nail file, because it is really small and hard to use (but can be practical on the go).

Did you buy yourself this calendar?

BOP-220 water decals (Lady Queen)

Lady Queen is an international beauty shop, selling nail art,make-up and tools, jewellery, fashion bags etc. They offer free shipping all over the world. Here is a link to their nail art department where they have tons of nail art related items: stamping plates, glitters, rhinestones, dotting tools, brushes, foils and many other items. I personally think that they offer the biggest selection of nail decalls, which are super easy to use and can give that special cherry on the top to a perfect manicure.

Today I'm going to present you BOP-220 water decals. They cost 2,15$. These feather decals come in 4 different colours (blue, yellow, pink and purple). Because lately pink grew on me I decided to go with pink ones. 
Here is a picture:
Isn't the packaging super cute?

You can see that inside there are 10 nails shaped decals.
the smallest:
length 2,7 cm
width 1,1 cm

the biggest:
length 2,7 cm
width 1,6 cm

At the back (didn't take a picture) there are easy instructions on how to use these decals. You seriously can't do anything wrong here!

Here is how I used them:
1. I polished my nails.
2. When they were dried I prepared a cup of water and scissors.
3. I cut out the desired design
4. I put the design in the water.
5. I gently slided the design of the paper and put it on my nails.
6. I applied top coat.

Because these decals were too long for my nails I decided to cut out each feather individually and randomly place them on my nails!

My opinion:

 These decals are really easy to use. This sheet will last me for 2 full manicures, or 10 if I use them as an accent finger
The only downside I see is that these decals are not reusable. I really love this feather design!

Here is my manicure with these decals:
I also decided to add thin glitter stripes on my nails ( I actually not like it, but I did not take pictures before adding the stripes).

For all of my readers Lady Queen offered a coupon code for 15% discount. Use WEXS15 at the checkout. 

Hehe 060 stamping plate

Lady Queen is an international beauty shop, selling nail art,make-up and tools, jewellery, fashion bags etc. They offer free shipping all over the world. Here is a link to their nail art department where they have tons of nail art related items: stamping plates, glitters, rhinestones, dotting tools, brushes, foils and many other items.

 As I mentioned in my previous post I personally think that they offer the biggest selection of nail decalls, but besides that they offer a wide variety of stamping plates. I already reviewed hehe050 here. 

Today I'll present another hehe stamping plate. Since we are close to Christmas this one is a must have for the season, because it offer a wide variety of designs.
You can find it in Lady Queen nail art store in the section Nail Art, or you can just click this link.
This plate retails at 2.99$, but I got offered a 15% off discount code for all of my readers so you can get it even for less!

Whole design
width 5 cm
height 5 cm

Here are some more informations about the plate;

 No protection on the back (lightly sanded edges that are not too sharp)
Light weight
Well engraved
Good transfer to the stamp
Hard peace of metal and can not be bent or broken

My opinion:

I tried 2 different designs with this plate and I had no problems with stamping. The image transferred well, and didn't smudge. I tried to stamp all parts of the plate and I haven't notice any "bad" spots, so I can say that it is really well engraved. Because it is an all over design I had a lot of options in my mind. I also tried to put the horizontal designs vertically which turned out great (with smaller designs you don't have this option, because images are too small to flip them on the other side and they the design does not cover the whole nail). It is relatively cheap comparing to some other stamping plates.

Here are two designs I made with this plate:

In the pictures below you can see that even the sign Merry Christmas transferred really well on my nail. I really love these hehe plates! With this design I also flipped horizontal design vertically and I got even better results.

I really like how many options this plate offers. I will definitely use this one for other occasions too!

For all of my readers Lady Queen offered a coupon code for 15% discount. Use WEXS15 at the checkout. 

Avon Magic Effects Liquid Sequin


Today I prepared a bit different post for you, my dear readers! 
Many of you problably don't have these fancy tools and nail art stamping plates for creating beautiful and easy christmas or new years themed nails. Today I prepared a post on how you can easily create simple but pretty manicures for the holidays using Avon Liquid Sequin nail polishes.

Danes sem za vas moje predrage bralke pripravila malo drugačno objavo.
Mnogo izmed vas nima božično ali novoletno obarvanih šablon doma, ampak to še ne pomeni, da z malo truda ne morete ustvariti lepih in preprostih prazničnih nohtov. Za vas sem pripravila 3 vodiče, kako si lahko pričarate praznično vzdušje na nohtih z laki iz Avonove kolekcije Liquid Sequin.

This collection includes 4 different nail polishes in  Glitterati, Sequin, Dazzle and Glimmer ( I have 3 from this collection as shown in the picture below).

Kolekcija Liquid Sequin Vsebuje 4 čudovite praznične lake z imeni Glitterati, Sequin, Dazzle in Glimmer (Vse razen zadnjega lahko vidite na spodnji sliki).

Now I'll show you picture tutorials on how to create 3 easy but still pretty holiday themed manicures.

Sedaj vam bom predstavila 3 slikovne vodiče za preproste, a vendar kljub temu simpatične praznične manikure.

Chirstmas Tree and Gifts

Božično drevesce in darila

Here are detailed instructions:

1. Polish your index, ring and pinkie with black base. Use Avon Sequin on all of the fingers (I applied 1 coat over black and 3 coats on my middle finger). 

2. With a thin brush or toothpick draw 2 thin lines.

3. Shape a bow (also with toothpick or brush).

4. Polish a thick coat of Sequin on a peace of foil and let it dry.

5. When the peace of Avon Sequin on the foil is dry, cut out Christmas thee with scissors.

6. Put clear polish on your ring finger and than gently place Christmas tree on top. Add a layer of top coat.

Optional: You can add glitter from Avon Sequin to add Christmas light to the tree.


1. Prstanec, kazalec in mezinec prelakiraj s črnim lakom za nohte. Na vse nohte dodaj plast Avon Sequin. Čez sredinec pa nanesi 3 plasti, da prekrije belo konico nohta. 

2. S tankim čopičem ali zobotrebcem nariši tanki črni črti.

3. S čopičem ali zobotrebcom nariši še mašnjico.

4. Na kos folije nalakiraj debelo plast Avon Sequin in počakaj da se posuši.

5. Suh lak odlepi in s škarjami izreži obliko božičnega drevesca.

6. Na prstanec najprej nanesi plast prozornega laka, nato pa nanj previdno položi izrezano drevo. Dodaj nadlak.

Opcijsko: Z zobotrebcem lahko iz laka Avon Sequin dodaš na drevesce bleščice in s tem drevescu dodaš lučke. 

Because I wasn't completely satisfied with this manicure I decided to replace Christmas tree with a bow for a gift. This is what I ended up with:

Ker z videzom smrečice nisem bila popolnoma zadovoljna sem na prstanec narisala mašnjico in naredila na nohtu še eno darilo. Takole pa je izgledala ta manikura:

You can see how Avon Sequin looks on it's own on my middle finger.

Kako izgleda Avon Sequin brez podlage si lahko pogledaš na mojem sredincu.

Glittery Snowflake Wrapping paper

Bleščičasti papir za zavijane s snežinkami


1. Use Avon Glitterati for a base.
With a thin brush or a toothpick draw a thin line.

2. Add 3 more lines to form a star.

4. On every second line in star add 4 more smaller lines. Add dots on the other 4 lines you haven't used.

4. Play on the rest of the nails. Draw stars, dots.... and apply top coat.


1. Za podlago uporabi Avon Glitterati. S tankim čopičem ali zobotrebcem najprej nariši tanko belo črto.

2. Dodaj še 3 tanke bele črte, da dobiš zvezasto obliko.

3. Na vsaki drugi krak zvezde nariši še dodatne 4 črtice, na prazne krake pa naredi pikice.

4. Pozabavaj se z ostalii nohti. Riši črtice, pikice, zvezdice, da dobiš morje snežink. Nanesi še nadlak.

A blurry pictire for the glitter feel.

Zamegljena slika, da dobite občutek kako zgleda ta lak na nohtih.

New Year's eve fireworks

Novoletna manikura z ognjemetom

For this manicure you will need scissors and scotch tape.

Za to manikuro boš potrebovala lepilni trak in škarje (lahko z vzorčki).


1. Paint Black base on index and middle finger and Avon Dazzle on your pinkie and ring finger.

2. Cut out 2 pieced of scotch tape and place it on your skin (it will lose some stickiness and make no damage to your manicure). Place the tape on your nails, and polish Dazzle over, quickly remove tape.

3. Cut 4 thin and straight pieces of tape (also stick it to the skin) and make a star shape on your ring finger. Polish over black polish and quickly remove tape.

4. Apply top coat and you're done!


1. Kazalec in sredinec nalakiraj s črnim lakom, Avon Dazzle nanesi na mezinec in prstanec. 

2. S škarjami izreži 2 kosa lepilnega traka in ga nalepi na kožo. S tem boš zmanjšala lepljivost lepilnega traka in zmanjšala možnost, da si pri tem poškoduješ manikuro. Kosa nato nalepi na kazalec in sredinec ter ju prelakiraj z Avon Dazzle. Lepilni trak odstrani, ko je lak še moker.

3. S šakrjami izreži 4 zelo ozke kose lepilnega traka (zopet jih najprej nalepi na kožo). Trake nalepi v zvezdasto obliko na prstancu. Čez prelakiraj črni lak in lepilni trak odstrani.

4. Nanesi nadlak za sijaj in obstojnost.

 You can see Avon Dazzle on it's on on my pinkie finger.

Kako izgleda Avon Dazzle brez druge podlage lako vidiš na mojem mezincu.

V tem katalogu lahko Avon Sequin lake ob nakupu kateregakoli izdelka iz kataloga dobiš za samo 2,5€. 

This was sent to me for review.