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You probably all thought how quickly I loose my motivation ( because of the scary post: challenge for colorfulbottle), but this time I didn't lose my motivation, the problem is that I got sick again. This is now the third time I was sick in one month. If I tell you honestly I'm pretty sick and tired of high temperature, cough, chest pain, throat ache, headache,...., but I really can't help it, all I can do is wait. I did one silly math today: in 35 days, there were 10 days that my temperature was 38°C and above. I think this is really not normal. Anyway I finally got antibiotics on Friday and hopefully when I eat all of them I'll never get sick again =). 

Because of my challenge I have to write 3 posts today, I hope I won't get to aggressive and boring in the end. I really don't like that idea, but there is no other way.

I'll start with a pet award I received ages ago from Mateja from Purple glitters. . When she tagged me I knew I just have to make a post, but with my speed it turned out to be 6 months or maybe even more =).

This tag was created by Misty, but I got tagged by Mateja. 

Here are the rules:
1. Forward the beautiful pet award picture
2.Answer 10 questions
3.Tag some people with pets, 3 of them!

Here is the awesome picture:
It is really pretty!

No off to the questions:

1. How many pets do you have and what are they?

Currently I have 3 pets. 2 turtles and a cat. I used to had a guinea pig and a canary, but  sadly they passed away 2 years ago and canary a month ago. 

 (please excuse my kitty, but she always looks sad on the pictures, although we always spoil her)

2.What is their names?

The tutles are named Michelangelo and Rafaelo ( Ohhh, I wonther where that names came from=).
An the kitty is named Meggie. 

3.How did you get them?

We got turtles because my brother got a good grade in school, but when he realized how boring they are, he stopped caring for them, since then they are in my hands, and doing much better.
Meggie was found hiding in bushes in front of our house. She was probably only a week only, starving, abandoned with an enormous dose of flees on her fur. My brother fell in love in her blue eyes, and brought her home. From that day on she is our little princess =).

4. How old are they?

Turtles about 7.
Meggie probably 2,5 years.

5. Their favorite food is...?
Meggie likes meat and cat food, she is probably the best mouse catcher in our village, and many of them end in her belly, although she has unlimited access to food in our house.
Turtles eat food that is made especially for water turtles, but they enjoy some fresh lettuce from time to time. 

6.Where are they now and what are they doing?

Turtles are swimming.
Meggie is sleeping somewhere where is hot. She doesn't have a favorite place for sleeping, she is constantly on the move.

7.Craziest thing they did?

Turtles probably never did anything crazy. Meggie is always doing something silly or crazy. Here is one silly picture:

8.The worst thing they did so far?

Meggie once ran away. She was missing for 5 days and we all tough she was dead, but she came back, and we were all happy again ( besides turtles)

9.What is their favorite thing to do?

Turtles probably like to swim?
Meggie is very playful, but very lazy too. If I had to choose it would probably be sleeping in a very hot place.

10.If they could gossip about you, what would your pet say about you?

They would probably tell you that I'm a bit crazy sometimes, and that I could get really lazy from time to time.

Now I have to tag 3 people:

3. Anybody would like to dedicate a post to her/his pets.

A bit more pictures of them:


 Like my pets? Share with me yours! I'd love to see them!


  1. Your kitty seems to be looking cross eyed :D! That's so cute!

    I have 2 cats too - Herman and Sjoerd. They are huge fat monsters that laze around all the time.

    1. It lookes like that on all the pictures! I'm not sure whay she is doing this. IRL she isn't cross eyed, I was watching her a lot lately, since at least 50% of comnetators wrote that she is cross eyed =).

      You picked lovely names for your cats. Were they named after someone famous, special or are they named randomly?
      Cats are really the laziest animals out there =)

  2. Oh Meggie! Res je taprava srčica.
    Žal mi pa je za tvojga kanarčka, kolikor si razlagala je bil tud velka faca.

    1. Koki je bil res vlka faca, ga prav pogrešam. smo se doma pogovarjali, da bi dobili novega, ampak smo pol pogruntali, da je bolje da ne, kaj če je ta doživel srčni ifarkt zaradi zastraševanja Megice, nočem tega narediti še enemu ptiču.
      Megi je pa res srčiča, jo čez teden kr pogrešam ko sem v LJ =)

  3. has she a cross eye? she looks adorable

    1. She isn't cross eyed, but she looks like she is on almost evry picture, probably when she sees camera she does a crazy look or something =)
      She really is adorable =)

  4. Hehe Meggie na prvi fotki :) Luštne živalce, vsi trije

    1. JA, Megi na prvi sliki gleda res kot da bi bila mačka, ki se ji godijo najhujše krivice na svetu =). Res je zelo lepa, ampak fotogenična pa ni =). Jo bom mogla še malo natrenirat =)

  5. Joj, Meggie je prečudovita. <3

    1. Res je simpatična =). Res še danes ne morem vrjeti, da se takšnile lepotički nekdo odreče in jo odvrže nekje v grmovju in pusti da strada.

  6. Hi I have 2 turtles and 1 cat :) Love pets

    1. Yaaaay, you have the same number of pets as me =). I hope you enjoy them as much as I do =)

  7. Tek kod slike u ruci sam skuzila koliko su kornjace zapravo male, po prvoj slici sam mislila da su puno vece. A Meggie je kul :D

    1. Slike s kornjacami so stare 1 lote, v tem času so malo zrastle, ampak še vedno niso velike. So pa bile ko sma jih z bratom dobila velike vrjetno 2 centimetra, sedaj so vsaj 10 =)

  8. Cukri <3 Moja mačka tudi izgleda skoraj na vsaki sliki, ko da bi škilila, čeprav v resnici ni videt :)

    1. Sta že dve =). Res ne vem kako je to mogoče, ampak vedno ko vidi fotoaparat nekako zavije oči =). Sedaj ne vem ali je krivo to, da se noče slikat, ali pa jo zanima tista pika na sredini, in potem z obema očesoma gleda noter =)
      Mogoče se je pa po lastnici (meni) podala, tud js nisem preveč fotogenična, mežim na vseh slikah =)

  9. krasni su ti prijatelji... maca izgleda razrooka, baš je smiješna :D

    1. Res je smešna ta naša mačka. Najbolj je smešna, ko se vsede na svoje sprednje tačke, takrat izgleda kot kokoš ki vali jajca =)

  10. What a cute little playful cat! Love the turtles' names :)

  11. Oh my god i Loooove your kitty. :)


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