Gradient hearts tutorial

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It was about time to publish this tutorial I promised more than a month ago.
Firstly I'd like to say, that this is not my idea. I saw it on YouTube ( click HERE), and because I really liked I decided to make a tutorial, with slightly different method.
*Because I had some issues with copyright I made a little bit different colour combination than in my previous post*
Here is the look I made:
Things you'll need:
-1 light nail polish and 3 for the gradient
-a bit of patience!
Now, let's get this nail party started!!!
Start off with light colour base!
I decided for Orly Pure Porcelain:
Prepare your protective/duct tape!
 Follow steps from 1-4
Step 1: Fold one end of tape, to get one none sticky end. It will come in handy when you'll try to "open the heart"
Step 2. Stick tape on your hand. Tape will lose a bit of stickiness, this lowers the possibility of ending up with glue residues on your nail, and prevents damaging base colour.
Step 3: Fold tape in half and draw half of heart on it. Cut it out!
Step 4: Unfold and paste tape on your nail. Try to put it in the middle. I think I've never succeeded =).
Prepare for the gradient!
I used China Glaze Ahoy, Revlon scented Mad about Mango and BarryM Peach Melba
Follow steps from 5-7
Apply gradient on your nails!
I did 2 coats of sponging, here is a picture after fist sponging:
Remove tape when sponging is still wet!
I was in a hurry when I made this tutorial, and because I haven't waited long enough my colour base is damaged because base was still a bit wet. Thank God for top coats!
Apply top coat!
As you can see, it didn't end up perfectly. Hearts are everywhere but in the middle, and my ring finger heart is completely crocked! I still like this gradient heart look despite that. Will you try it?


  1. Moram nac takvu traku pa probat ovo, predobro izgleda, mogli bi se radit i drugi oblici ovako :D zvjezdice bi bile kul

    1. Zvezdice sem že probala na podoben način, in so bile precej vredu =). Morem še kakšen vodič z zvezdicami sestaviti =)
      Komaj čakam da vidim te zvezdice pri tebi =)

  2. Uh, to pa je bilo dela.... :) Vseeno lepo zgleda :)

    1. V bistvu niti ni tako veliko dela =). Se kr hitro naredi =)

  3. Great tutorial and a great look :)

  4. čudovito! <3 to sem tudi že sama poskušala in je naravnost prekrasno :)

    1. Hvala =). UMislim da bi lahko bile boljše =). Zadnji srček je malce mutiran, pa še na sredini prstov niso vsi =). Mogoče bo naslednjič volje =)

  5. Replies
    1. Mimi, tnx =). I hope I see them on your nails too =)

  6. This is lovely , I gotta try it :)

    1. Try it, and show it=). In case if I don't see it, you can paste link below my comment =)

  7. yes, I did it like you. Cutting of hearts was horrible... and then... when I was removing tape, I pulled down base nail polish, vrr. I was so nervous

    1. Ohhh, I'm really sorry to hear that! I hope you'll succeed next time!
      It seems like the base wasn't dry when you removed tape. It is possible that because of sponging base polish got wet?
      When I made my first hearts I think I did much better than the second time. But I was in a hurry =)

    2. It looks like this. But I have nail polish over 4 hours when I decided to make hearts. Bad nail polish :-/ Second try must be better :-)

    3. Base was definitely dry after 4 hours =). Probably sponging melted base colour.
      You can try adding fast drying top coat on base nail polish next time =)
      I hope second try will be much better =).

    4. I hope too :-) and I will be make hearts the next day... preventative :-D

  8. Replies
    1. Hvala =).
      Meni so tvoji tutoriali tako super =). Res so mi vsi super, samo jaz sem prelena, da bi se lotila teh manikur =)

  9. Luuuuštni! :)) Pa super tutorial :)

  10. This is an adorable idea! i may have to try this!

    1. Thank you Amber =). I hope I see those hearts on your nails someday =)

  11. This is adorable!
    Thank you for the tutorial - I have to try it!

  12. A cute and very pretty design! love it <3


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