Nail art Wednesdays #2

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It's another Wednesday and it is time for another nail art manicure. This time I draw number 15. Green foil. I bought this foil with a bunch of others on eBay quite some time ago. Once I tried out one of them, but it did not turn out the way I wanted. Because of that fail I never used foils again (and I have quite a few of them). It was about time that I tried using them again.

I wanted to achieve the look of uneven metallic stripes, but I failed to get a good transfer on my middle and ring finger. Because it didn't look the way I wanted, I fully covered this two nails with foil and than added stripes with my base polish. It is something completely different that I wanted to achieve, but I must admit that I quite like this in-organised look.  
For this manicure I used:
Nicole By OPI: Alex by the Books
Green foil from eBay
and lining brush
After looking at pictures I realised that all of the pictures have a lot of shine because of the foils. 

What do you think it is a fail or acceptable?
I hope my next foil attempt will look prettier.

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