Essence all that greys limited edition

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This November Essence prepared a special trend edition that will take us to glamour of Hollywood.
This trend edition includes a lot of grey shades and classic reds.
There will be: 
- 2 eye pencils
- lashes
- eye shadow palette (I see some tempting shades inside)
- 2 lip glosses
- face & body powder

- headband
- nail stickers
And finally!!!!
5 amazing nail polishes ( I just love the first and the last one)
Who knows how pearly matt finish will look on nails =)
Can't wait that this trend edition comes to our drug stores.


  1. That palette looks really interesting!!

    1. Yes, it is amazing. I just received PR sample. Pictures will probably be published by the end of this week =)

  2. will it be available in all countries? :3

    1. I'm not sure if it will be in all countries, but I think it will. Why I think so? Usually when there is a collection that is not available everywhere I don't get PR pictures from our distributor.( I know, my logic is based on some serious and reliable facts =)). I do hope you get things you want from this limited edition. In case if it will not be available in your country I can get things you want for you and we can arrange a small swap or something similar =)


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