Untried Polish Challenge - Three Colors

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This Untried Polish Challenge is getting better and better, maybe also harder?! For this manicure I had to use 3 different nail polishes from my untried box. Firstly I draw 3 different nail polishes and wanted to make something special out of it, but it was too much of a challenge for me, that's why I kept only the dusty pink base and replaced green and blue with two other polishes. I must admit that I do not regret my choice because I really like how this manicure turned out.

For this manicure I used:
Catrice Ultimate Nudes: Karl Says Tres Chic
MUA: Shade 3
Catrice Luxury nudes: Way Too Beautiful

This picture is a bit off on the colour accuracy but I just had to add 3 pictures out of a habit

When looking at the box with my untried nail polish I seriously ask myself why do I have so many glitter nail polishes if I really am not a fan of glitter. Because of this challenge I'll have to try them out and if all attempts will be close to this I think that nail society will get another glitter fan =).

What do you think?
It kinda reminds me of galaxy nails only the colours are off =)


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