Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beauty UK "dusty pink"


Today I'm going to show you one of my favourite Beauty UK polishes.
I probably already mentioned before, that I love Beauty UK polishes, because of their fast dry time and high shine, also price is really low.
The only thing I hate about them is the fact that polishes that are in sets don't have names of their own. I decided to call this one dusty pink!

This polish is from West End Girl set (see ful set here)

I applied 2 coats, no TC. Dry time was really fast.

Do you like it? I can't wait to wear this pretty again!


  1. Ful lep lak :) Me spominja na enega od essence (ko se spomnim ime, ti javim:)

    1. Verjetno Essence Spot on, ali pa English rose =). So si vrjetno najbolj podobni =).

  2. Replies
    1. Res je =). Včasih mi takšni odtenki niso bili preveč všeč, sedaj pa so mi nevrjetno lepi =)

  3. Great colour! :-)

  4. Bas je njezan, ovo je jedan od onih "radnih" lakova :)

  5. nije loše, volim zadimljene i neodređene boje :D


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