Black base with some colour AKA day 3 =)

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Hi! Hello!

Today I'm feeling quite energised, despite having another very busy day, not to mention all the things that happened to me today, but I could manage to save enough energy to write a decent post after a verrrrrrrrry loooong time =). 

Because I passed some of my exams I decided to give myself an award for the effort. And what is the best award for a nail polish freak? Everything else but nail polish =)))). I'm just kidding, of course an expensive polish or maybe a new IP. And because I was a goood girl I bought myself my FIRST NfuOh nail polish! They tend to be quite expense here, but I got it with a little discount, because Aranka from Zapikonai was kind enough to offer me a discount although they were planning to launch their discount a day later! And she was also prepared to change my order in case if I change my mind, and of course I did =). I ordered 2 for me and one for my friend ( it is a late birthday gift, but I wasn't able to give it to her yet, I do hope she'll love it).
Anyway I had to use my brand new NfuOh 54 ASAP! and Black with some colour on was just perfect opportunity for me =).

This is what I was wearing today:

IT is 2 coats of Essence fatal and 1 coat of NfuOh 54
I couldn't stop looking at my nails, and also all of my friends noticed it =).

Sadly I broke my nails today and while I was studying I was a bit too nervous, and this manicure will soon ( too soon) have to say goodbye, but I promised myself that it won't be the last of it =)

Some of you probably asked yourselves why I'm not holding bottle in my hands since it is really special. I borrowed this polish to my friend before I was able to take picture with the bottle in my hand, but I know that next time it will be on the picture.

Because I have loads of old pictures to show you, here is another manicure I did with black base( essence fatal) and CG Millenium, about a year ago. Like it?

Here are all the other lovely girls participating in this challenge:


  1. Flakies yey! So gorgeus!

  2. I'm in love with flakies. Beautiful. <3

  3. Sa flejkijima ne možeš pogriješiti,predobro!
    A ova druga manikura mi je WOW,prekrasna ;))

  4. These are both so pretty! :)

  5. wow, with flakies you can't miss, love it :-D
    the other mani is nice... but the flakies wins here ;-D

  6. I love flakies!! This is gorgeous!


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