B&W Challenge Day 2

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How are you? 
Today is the second day of our Black and white challenge. I was really excited to try something new here, but it turned out to be a complete fail =(. I'm really sorry you have to see this manicure. It is definitely the worst I'we done or seen anywhere on the web, but because I'm in a big time crisis, I couldn't make another one, so prepare for the horror!

I used Essence Fatal as a base and Essence white hype over the scotch tape. As you can see on my thumb( first picture) it was quite a messy experience. Sometimes I'm really clumsy =). Now I seriously hope, that I will make a decent manicure for day 3 of the challenge, because so far I showed you only crap =(. 

P.S. Please ignore my short pinkie nail, I broke it, but I didn't have my nail file in my capital residence so I had to wait to get home, but than I realised I forgot ti bring black nail polish with me, an because I didn't have black, I just had to upgrade unequally long nails. I 


  1. Oh, c'mon its not that bad. It is actually quite nice.

  2. i love the idea, at least you made the efort to post something original (not stamping like me) :-D
    don't be so hard on your self :-p

  3. That's not bad, stop overreacting! :D My today's manicure was pretty messy too XD

  4. That is actually a very interesting design =]

  5. is not bad I think is very creative design

  6. It's so pretty, I love the design!

  7. Fail?!? It's no fail, I think it's really cool! It's really mod looking!


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