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I'm really sorry I disappeared again, but I had a crazy mess in my private life and the mean role in this drama goes to my faculty. I really could tell you ALL about it, but I think that nobody would even read this part of my post, so I'll spare you with the boredom this time =). 
Before I disappeared I promised you all the pictures  from nail polishes from beautyuk urban girl set, and because I don't know what will happen tomorrow( you never know I might disappear again), I'm just going to show you all the pictures together =).

For all of you who might don't know that, this was a kind gift from Maja and Gregor from Lič

I should also mention this 3 properties of the polishes again: they dry super fast, apply easy for pastel colours and the pigmentation is really good.

Here they are:
I hope you'll like at least one of them

Things used for the first one:
white polish from urban girl set
konad m44 and Lacura cyclam
( I know, I know, you already saw this one, but since I decided I'm going to show them all together you'll have to see it again)

Items used: blue polish from the set
konad m78 and Sally Hansen blue it

Items used: peachy polish from urban girl set
m60 and white polish from this set
m60 and Essence stamp me black for the flowers
blue polish from this set to fill the flowers
I also have to give credits for this idea. I saw a manicure in this style on Amber's blog (My nail Graffiti) in this post. Be sure to check out her blog, since she has some awesome nail arts displayed on her blog =).
Amber thank you for such a lovely idea and letting me copy it =)

Items used: 
gray polish from the set
double water marble: for base I used white polish, than I made first marble with white, grey and lilac and then the second only with grey and lilac. 
I must admit that I liked this manicure a lot, but I'm actually the biggest hatter of grey colour =)

Items used:
lilac polish from the set
konad m78 and Essence SYF Purple magic

and the last one:
green polish from the set
konad m78 and black Essence stamping polish
I also filled the circles with Essence All Acces, but because of the bad quality, this is nearly invisible. I'm really sorry for the quality, but this is all I could get from my mobile phone that day =)

So what do you think? 
Which one is your favourite?

Thank you, for being so patient with me =)


  1. vse so lepe :) ampak naj sta mi z vijolčnim in mareličnim lakom

  2. krasne manikure, odlične boje :-D
    ako si mislila da nitko neće pročitati prvi dio posta - prevarila si se... nadam se da sutra bude bolje (tko zna) i da nam nećeš opet nestat ;-D

  3. You are really amazing in doing it :O

  4. Aw your peachy polish is so cute! I'm glad you liked it enough to recreate it yourself! :)

  5. Meni so vse všeč. Ne moren se odločiti za najljubšo.

    Upam, da bo od zdaj naprej bolje in da ne boš imela veliko skrbi.

  6. koliko toga odjednom, najvise mi se svidja druga plava, a sto se nestajanja tice znas, mogu se stavit postovi da se sami objavljuju unaprijed :)

  7. While they all look great, the grey with the marbling is my favourite....its a great combination!

  8. I really can't decide, but maybe this peachy one :)

  9. So happy you're back, I missed seeing your posts! Out of all of these, I love the grey the most!

  10. Wow great designs! I really like the grey with the marble accent. The colors you chose are fab.

  11. love the nailart designs you make...

    I'm now a follower from you're blog..
    I would like if you visit my blog:


  12. I love the french mani.

    BTW I've left some awards for you on my blog at:

  13. Girls, thank you all for you lovely comments =)

    Nail Crazy, HVALA! Res si super punca =)!

    Amber, I'm glad you liked it =). And your was so pretty, that I just had to recreate it!

    Nailstyle, thank you for the award! You are really sweet!=)

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