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I know I promised that I'm going to stay for a while in my last post (also I'm really sorry I linked the Slovenian store lič with a wrong link, I really don't know what I was thinking, but I fixed it now), but I didn't, so today I give you no promises, but a quick explanation. I had a lot on my mind, because I was feeling like I'm the worst person on the world because of my addiction, also something was really wrong with my exams and in my personal life. There is ALWAYS something and I haet that. I wish I had at least 2 peaceful months, but I guess everybody wants that not only me =). I could go on and on, explaining everything in details, but I won't because I don't want you to be reading things about my messy life. 
I can only tell you what made me come back. It was you! I missed you all, your lovely blogs, comments, nails: everything =). I said to myself: Dolores, you have 655 readers on line, do you really want to throw that away? Of course the answer was yes( sorry, I meant no *silly*).

I do have loads of material, so I don't know how often will I post, but if I post more than once a day, I do hope you won't accuse me of spamming =). 
In the next posts you can expect, some serious konad stamping manicures, swaps, birthday gifts and maybe even nail care article which will also be in Slovenian language =)

I also decided since, blogging was taking me a lot of time, that I won't write a lot, but only a brief description of my manicures =). 

So now I can finally go on to my manicure. This was the manicure I wanted to show you next, but this next turned out to be a whole month. For this manicure I used purple nail polish from beautyUK urban girl set, konad black and koand plate m71. This pattern was on my WL for ages and when I got is as a preset I alsmost cried out of joy( let's keep the details until the next post). 
what do you think about this manicure?
Have you tried m71?

That's all for this post. 
Have fun!



  1. Welcome back! I'm looking forward to see all your creations.

  2. Hej, hej! Pozdravljena spet nazaj! :)

  3. u lijepo te vidjet da si se vratila :) manikura je bas neka njezno romanticna

  4. Mateja, hvala. Mislim, da si jih okrog 99% že videla =)

    Biba, hvala tudi tebi. Upam, da bom tokrat kar nekaj časa tukaj =)

    Rock or not, thank you =)))

    Lendoxia, hvala. Zadnje čase bi imela samo nežne barve na nohtish =)

  5. So pretty! Love that pattern.

  6. krasan uzorak i kombinacija :-D
    neka te tu s nama ;-D

  7. Sirena, thank you =). I really love this pattern too =)

    nail crazy, hvala *hug*

  8. Love this mani! Reminds me of lace :) welcOme back!


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