My first french manicure

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As promised I'm going to show you my very first french manicure today, but before I show you the pictures of my manicure I have to tell you something else =).

A bit more than a week ago I got a lovely gift from Maja and Gregor, the owners of Slovenian internet store lič It was a complete shock, but I don't mind being surprised like that. 
This is the set I'm talking about:

A set of 6 polishes( you can see some pretty pastels hidden in the box) from beautyuk called urban girl. 
I wore every single polish from this set, and I must say that they really surprised me in a positive way. They  apply like a butter, the colors are gorgeous, the wear time is awesome, the price is really affordable and if I compare the price with the quality, they are ridiculously cheap =). And I must say that I was the most surprised with the white one, because it applied really easy and it was opaque in 2 coats, and we all know that this is pure heaven for a white polish. The only bad thing about this set is, that they come in set, so you can't decide which ones to buy and sadly they don't have names.

All my Slovenian readers can buy this set(and a lot more) on their web page( 
Because they are so kind I think that they would also love to assist all the girls that aren't from Slovenia, so all of you who don't have access to the things they sell, feel free to send them an e-mail.

Now off to my first french manicure. 
I've always hated classical french manicure, that dreadful white tip always made me sick. I did give it a try many times, but I never got to the point that I'd say that this is it, I like it. But than I finally realised, that I could try adding a little extra on the white tip, to make it a bit more acceptable. And this is what I did this time, and I must say that I'm quite satisfied with the result.

I used scotch tape to make the white line( of course I had to use the white polish from urban girl set) and konad m44 and Lacura cyclam for the stamping on the tip. 
This is what I got:
Of course I had to add one of my necklace to the picture, but they looked so good together =).

 But I had to experiment with it a bit, so I added Del Sol Foxy and butterflies from konad m78. 
For all of you who don't know that already: Del Sol polishes change colors if they are in direct sunlight! =)

This is how it looked in shade
 And this is how it looked on the sun =)

Isn't it awesome?
I sure did enjoy playing with this polish=))

What do you think about my first real french manicure? Did I go overboard? 
Do you own any Del Sol polishes?
Which polish from the urban girl set would you like to see next?

And for the end I have to show you, how I played with this manicure and my orchid. It isn't perfect, but I like the way it looks =) 

Have a nice day!


  1. I love the color changing polish on top! Very creative!

  2. Sam french mi je puno ljepši,možda da si stavila prvo ovaj rozi,pa preko njega napravila vrhove,ovako su prekriveni,a šteta je jer su ti prekrasno ispali ;)))A ogrliccu si ti sama pravila?Prekrasna je O_O

  3. Oooooooo tale paketek je pa res poln samih luštnih barv, kar kliče po posvojitvi. :)

    Francoska manikura je fenomenalna. Pa tale Del Sol je tudi luštkan. Great job!

    Moja orhideja pa ravno poganja novo stebelce in bo pomoje zacvetela - končno! Namreč že od lani spi. :D

  4. My favorite is the one in the first photo, but I love them all!

  5. Aw! It's so cute! I love the photo with the orchid! I have a white one! I will follow you and some day I'll take a photo with mine :P ok?

  6. Looks great! I wish my first had been this good!

  7. I love your first French manicure! I admit I'm not the biggest fan of them and I find them really hard to do but this looks great :-) And I love the orchid too!
    PS That Beauty UK set looks lovely!

  8. Na prvoj fotki mi se najvise svidja :)

  9. Francoska manikura je prekrasna. Bolj mi je všeč brez Del Sol laka.

    Tale Beauty UK paketek lakov je prekrasen. Če ne bi trenutno šparala denarja za morje, bi po moje zapravila kar precej denarja na lič, ker imajo kar nekaj stvari, ki si jih noro želim kupiti. :)

  10. this color changing polish is awesome, I like the photo with the orchid and the way your mani turned out :)

  11. tko se ne bi radovao takvom poklonu ;-)
    dobra ti je francuska manikura, čak mi se više sviđa bez del sol laka... idem izvuć svoj da vidim hoće mu ovo sunce pomoć, zadnji put nisam bila zadovoljna, nije me slušao :-p

  12. p.s.
    kako sam propustila komentirat ogrlicu?
    savršena je!!!

  13. Very cute! I want to see the rest of the set!

  14. VERY PRETTY for the first time! you have talent!

  15. I'm impressed that you did this yourself. Not everyone can get it right on their own. It turned out nice!

    It makes me wonder how many of our customers do their own nails when they don't show up at the salon for a while. People can save money doing their own nails if they have the time and don't mind doing some work.

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