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You've probably read that from now on I'll be posting Guest Nails! post every week. And because this is the first post, I should write a long boring speech about it, but I won't. All I'll say is that I hope you'll like this idea and that all of the girls that will participate will have fun while preparing guest nails post. 

The first participating lady is Elsa P. from Like a candy shop. As you can see I added a link to her blog, so you'll be able to see all of her beautiful manicures that she did so far.
 Here is what she prepared for us: 

I'm not so good at nail art or making amazing manicures,so I simply want to introduce you to my new-favourite polish :) I'm soooo in love with this one, I can hardly think about changing it! Maybe you don't know it (let's say for sure :P), but I'm a huge pink fan, and so I couldn't let this lovely varnish all alone on that shelf <3 It's from Sinful Colors, a brand I just discovered (and which I actually found here in Italy!!!) and which already conquered my heart :D The name of this shade is Forget now, and it's an amazing pink glittered colour. If you expose your nails to the sun, you can see such a beautiful light pink/purple shimmer...a dream :)
The application was great too! Two coats were absolutely enough to reach opacity (but I used three to get a more intense result), and a top coat is not necessary, because the varnish has a lovely jelly effect, and it looks super nice without any other polish. So, stop talking, here are a few pictures of this beauty:

Oh, and I also tried to take a picture in the sun, to show you the shimmer I was talking about, but unfortunately, I've got a stupid camera and it was impossible to capture the glitters :( Anyway, here's my poor attempt:

I really hope you liked this post, and the polish of course ;) 

Elsa thank you for this wonderful post and beautiful pictures!

I don't know about you, but I sure did enjoyed reading this post. I love this polish so much that it is going to my WL =). 

I hope that you-my dearest readers, like my idea, and that you'll join Guest Nails! sometime soon =). 

Have a nice day :)


  1. Lovely post! And I love the colour, it reminds me of Ahoy!, one of the rare pinks I can wear. :)

  2. I just wanted to post what Ulimel wrote so I'll just say great colour

  3. I tagged you! (colorfullbottle)

  4. I picked this one up recently and it really is stunnng - reminds me of one of the Zoya Sparkles.

  5. Gilrs thank you for all comments =).

    Ulmiel, it reminded me of ahoy! too =).I never liked pinks too, but when I meet Ivana, everything changed.... =)

    Vintage MU, thank you for the tagg, if everything goes as I planned I'll publish it tomorrow =)


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