My first REAL scotch tape manicure

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Lately there is a lot of scotch tape manicures in the blogging word because of Erika from Chloe's nails. She makes really awesome nail arts only with scissors and scotch tape(but I think you all already know this)! In one of her posts she also used crafting scissors and because I loved it so much I just had to try it. You can check out here version here.
Here are the pictures of my version:

I used 2 coats od Color Club: Frostbite for the base, and than added one coat of Essence: Fatal. In the end I applied Seche Vite fat drying top coat.

Do you like my version of scotch tape manicure?

This wasn't my first attempt of a manicure with a scotch tape. A few years ago, I wanted to do a manicure in rasta colours, and I also used scotch tape for it, but because I didn't wait long enough for all the coats to dry I had a really ugly manicure instead =). At least I learned a lesson from that. And also this is probably the reason why I waited so long to try it again, but as I asid I just couldn't resist the crafting scissors pattern =).

There is also something new on my blog. I'm going to do Guest Nails! posts. You can read more about them here. I really hope this will work, because I think it is a great opportunity for unknown bloggers to gain some readers and also I will also have a wonderful opportunity to meet some of my followers more in person =).

Have a nice day!


  1. wow this looks really pretty. x

  2. This is such a nice idea! I'll absolutely try it :D

  3. That so cool, love it!

    I love the colours you used.

  4. krasna kombinacija, chloe je zarazila čitavu blogosferu :-D

  5. svidja mi se ovaj oblik, ja sam kupila takve skare, ali jako lose rezu i jos mi ne uspijeva :( inace super kombinacija boja

  6. i love the combination! i should try that next time! =)

  7. Zelo lepo ti je uspelo. Jaz sem že tudi preizkusila nekaj manikur s scotch trakom, a nisem vseh objavila. Mislim, da imam podobne škarje, kot je tvoj vzorec, doma, tako da bom enkrat v prihodnosti preizkusila tole. :)

  8. Girls thank you for your kind comments =)

  9. I must say that is amazing, never knew you could do that. I have tried with other tapes and found it becomes a disaster. I bougth the scotch tape online, it was so good it never came off.


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