Some crappy swatches/layering/comparison

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Because I can't find my camera USB cable I can't upload the pictures from my camera ( I really think that my brother has something to do with the missing cable) so I've got nothing else to show you, but these really bad photos that are quite old, but not really old =).

On the first I used 2 coats of Essence Black out from Black and White LE

Than I played with one of the fauxnad plates and Make me holo top coat, which is also from Black and White LE, but I didn't take a picture. I only took a picture later, when I added different top coats to compare finishes that they make. 
I used Essie good to go on my index finger, no top coat on the middle finger, ProNails mat finish on ring finger, and Essence matt top coat on the pinkie.

Top coats I used from L to R: Essie good to go, ProNails mat finish, Essence matt top coat

In the end I applied these polishes on my nails, I really can't remember how many coats on which fingers, because these pictures were never meant to be published, because my nails are really messy, but I had no choice =(.

Pleas be gentle with the criticism.

Have a nice day =)


  1. I love the black with the design on top! :)

  2. Omg, don't be so hard on yourself; the pictures aren't bad!

    And I love the reminds me of Illamasqua Scorn.

  3. The pics look fine! :) I like the different layering polishes you've used.

  4. too bad the black and white LE isn't available here yet :( would love to have that black polish!

    i really like your blog btw!

  5. Girls thank you for your lovely comments =).

    ChaosButterfly, it reminds me of Illamasqua Scorn too =)

    femketje, I hope it gets there ass soon as possible =)


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