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I'm a looser, I can't even take a single good shot of a polish on a cloudy rainy day. I really tried to make a really good shot of a frosty polish, to really see the shimmer and the brush strokes, but I totally failed. I was trying to do this for the last 3 days, I'm really ashamed. I think this is the right time to start making a light box, because there are many rainy, foggy and cloudy days yet to come.

I'm lucky to have some pictures that weren't published yet on stock. On the next four pictures you can see a beautiful res shade from Jade called Boggie Berrries. I love this name and the polish as well. It was opaque after 2 coats, I didn't use any top coat. BTW I really miss sunny days like this.

Here are the pictures:

Here is a "bonus" picture of another necklace of mine. I tried to do an antique look. I'm not sure I succeed.
P.S. As you can see on the upper picture I really have to learn how to take better pictures and also have to make a light box. Any suggestions, I am really willing to learn something new=)


  1. I'm with you on the lightbox thing. There is one at thinkgeek.com that I think I'm going to buy because it has a little tri-pod, lights, and carrying case included.

  2. Lak je super in lepo ti paše! Pa ogrlica ti je tudi uspela!

    Sama poslikam ponavadi nohte popoldne s telefonom ne glede na vreme. :) Včasih se poigram z nastavitvami, da čimbolj ujamem pravo barvo, na barvo rok pa ponavadi ne gledam. :) Večkrat pa uporabim ukaz Samodejno popravi v Microsoft Office Picture Managerju, ki včasih lepo zbistri sliko in jo tako polepša. :)

    Kar se tiče light boxa, je Nihrida objavila tutorial po katerem je naredila svojo (http://nihrida.blogspot.com/2009/12/my-crappy-diy-light-box.html). Tako, upam, da ti bo kaj pomagalo. :)

  3. haha, dont worry! i cant take good pictures on a nice, sunny day either! =P your pictures turned out great though :)

  4. Skulda,wow that is a really good offer =)

    Ivana, hvala za nasvete=). Sem res čisti antitalent za slikanje. Ponavadi sam makro vklopim pa gremo, pa potem še dodam podpis*blush*

    Tale tutorial od nihride sem že gledala, ampak sem čisto pozabila, hvala da si me spomnila=). Verjetno se bom v kratkem res spravila mal tole izdelovat=)

  5. ABOP, tnx

    Katrina, Tnx, but these are old. I didn't want to publish the ones I did that day, because I wasn't able to make a nice picture of the shimmer=(.
    You make really good pictures =).


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