Have you ever seen a blue snake?

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Long time no word from me? I'm super busy lately. I thought that since I don't have so many colleuge things I'll have more time, but it turned out a bit differently. I won't bore you with all the things I have on my mind now.

Today was a sunny morning so I used it. I looked through my stash and remembered that quite a long time ago I made a really pretty blue holographic franken. Because the sun was pretty strong the holographic glitter really shined out. Before I show you the pictures I must tell you that I'm pretty pissed because my index finger nail broke, and I had to file it alot. Because it would look weird if I would file only one finger, I filed the others to, but I tried a new shape. I'm not sure if I like it. Anyway I applied 2 coats of my polish and of course it is called Blue snake(my brother gave him this name, and I also have another blue franken, he called that one Blue eyes)
Here are the pictures:

Here is a picture of a blue snake, though I never thought that blue snakes exist =)


  1. I want that! It's so different!

  2. this color is amazing! i love it (expecially under sunlight!)

    OMG! a curious snake!

  3. sjajan franken :)jako lijepo izgleda

  4. adorable


  5. Janna, tnx, it is a bit different.

    Alice, thank you, I love it under the sun light too =)

    Lendoxia, hvala

    Heli, thank you=)

  6. Super barva laka! Pa kača je čudovita, tudi jaz nisem vedla da modre kače sploh obstajajo :)


  7. This snake is awesome !!

    Check my blog:


  8. this is really beautiful!! :D and the snake! O_O love the colors.

  9. I just love this polish=), and when a saw the photo of this snake I made the same face that you wrote in your comment=)


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