Essence: Underwater V2

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You have probably seen new version of Essence Underwater milions of times. But you haven't seen them on my nails yet. So here is the picture, how it looks on my nails. I applied 1 coat.

Because I have so many new plates(BM) I had to do some stamping. I used Essence White Stampy polish and BM9. Than I applied 1 coat of G2G.


Here are 2 pictures I took on a stormy summer day. I really miss summer.
On the last one quality really sucks...


  1. impressing pictures about the storm!

    by the way, I love this nail polish :)

  2. Moram pohvaliti ta lak, ker ti res super paše! Krasno! In z vzorčkom je le še dodatek kot pika na i! :)

    Joj jst tako pogrešam poletje! :( Kar pa res nemaram so pa nevihte - jst se grmenja pa strel takooooo bojim. x)

  3. Alice, thank you. I like this polish too(but there is only a few that I hate, I guess).=)

    Lendoxia, Saj bo spet hitro pomlad, in potem spet poletje.....=)

    Ivana, hvala=), Tudi js ne maram preveč neviht, ampak imam vseeno raje eno nevihto poleti, kot pa cel teden dežja jeseni=). Upam da bo zaj dolgo sončno=)


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