another animal post, again?

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Alice (check out her blog here) asked me to take photo of guinea pig Ziki, and I made a few. Here they are:
in my ex-roomate's hands =)(BTW I don't know the name of the polish=)
Ziki with my laptop, and a some physical formulas
I also photographed Koki

and a turtle, but I really don't know which one is Michelangelo and which is Rafaelo =) *blush*


  1. Ziki is such a cutie <3
    Koki and the turtle are great too.
    I love animal posts :)

  2. Oooooo kok cute živalce, ampak Ziki pa zmaga! <3

  3. Anček in Ivana hvala, morem zaj Zikiju povedati da je slaven=)


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