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Hey there, I can't wait that the snow falls, because I won't be so busy than. I think that I haven't mentioned that we have a farm, a really big farm, but it is an hour drive away from where we live( we inherited it). Anyway I was there almost a week and because there is no internet connection, I didn't publish any post, or comment on yours. Also because I worked in the forest practically all day long(carrying chains, throwing branches on piles....) my nails look like a mess now. I hope they get better soon =).

Fortunately I have some pictures of a manicure I wore before my nails broke. I wore my one and only O.P.I. polish I own. It is called Vodka&Caviar. I applied 2 coats. I have it for a long time. It disappointed me when I first applied it, but now I was quite impressed with the application. The tips are still visible with two coats, I didn't applied the third, because I thought, that tips will still be visible.
Here are the pictures

I have a story to tell you about this polish....
OPI polishes are really expensive in Slovenia, and I bought it for a reward( I passed my fist exam). And yes I bought a simple creme red polish instead of a nice shimmery, sparkly or holographic one(something different). When time passed I really thought how stupid I am that I bought something like this. I was angry, because there are millions of prettier opi polishes. Last week I had to apply it again, hoping to discover why I bought it, and when I applied the first finger I remembered why I bought is. I fall in love with the color, I now know that this is my perfect red. The name is so expensive and red has always meant independence to me. I was really looking for a polish that I won't hate to wear it on and on and on.....( funny how it turned out, I hated it for being to ordinary and simple)

Here is a question for you. Do you like putting names to faces, or faces to names? I like doing this.

This is why I decided I'm gonna show you a picture of me. I'm not beautiful, perfect, photogenic.... I'm just human =). And also I don't have MU in the picture, because I practically never wear make up. Don't get to scared...


  1. Itak da je krasen ta rdečko - lep in klasičen.

    Sam tako nerada objavljam svoje fotke... Vedno pa jih rada pogledam od drugih :)

  2. stvarno savrsena crvena :) ja svoju jos nisam pronasla, a sto se fotki tice ja zasad preferiram ostat anonimna, al tko zna mozda se i to promijeni

  3. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ;)
    red is always red: never fails.

  4. Red is such a classic! And that shade looks great on you :)

  5. Res je poseben tale rdečko! Lepo te je videt! :)

    Sama se takoooooo nemaram slikat pa sploh ne vem zakaj. :D Fobijo pred sabo imam. x)

  6. Biba, res je klasičen. Sama tud ful nerada objavljam, gledam svoje slike, še slikam se zelo narada, ampak včasih me pa prime, da naredim nekaj popolnoma drugačnega in mogoče za mene nesprejemljivegaa( že mogoče samo za to, da se lahko potem stokrat vprašam, zakaj sem to naredila).
    Fotke od drugih pa tud js rada pogledam=).

    Lendoxia, upam da boš našla popolno rdečo=). Anonimnost je seveda stvar odločitve, če si se tako odločila naj tako bo=)(če pa se odločiš objaviti sliko, jo bom pa z veseljem pogledala). Hvala za komentar=)

    Helena, thank you(also for following me)=)))

    Musicalhouses, I love your nickname=), tnx for taking some time to write a comment=)

    Ivana, Res je nekaj na njemu, mogoče ga že samo cena oplemeniti=). Včasih se res ne zavedamo da je lahko nekaj popolnoma preprostega lepše od načečkanosti=)( Vsaj pri meni se je tako zgodilo pri tem laku)

    Tud js se ne maram slikat, sem enkrat celo "nadrla" prijateljico naj me ne slika( to sedaj seveda obžalujem). Kot sem že Bibi napisala, pa rada včasih sama sebe "šokiram" s svojim dejanjem, da je moje življenje bolj zanimivo, ali pa da se zamotim pred hujšimi problemi=)

  7. I LOVE seeing the faces of the bloggers I follow and you have a lovely one!

  8. I'm happy you chose this one because it's nothing short of amazing! I also chose it for the Polish Parade and featured your swatch on my blog :) Just wanted to give you a heads up!


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