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Don't worry, today I'm not in the mood for writting an essay=). I'll be really quick.
This is the mani I've been wearing for the last 2 days. I Used Essence LE Return to the paradise 03 Back to paradise(2 coats) and than I applied a coat of Essence: Glisten up. Here are the pictures:

Because it was a cloudy day, I used flash instead of natural sun light( natural light is only on the first shoot)

A picture of polishes that I used:

And since I can upload 5 pictures at a time, here is another necklace that I made( about 14 days ago)
Carpe diem*


  1. lijepa kombinacija boje i flakiesa :) a sad svi vecinom slikavamo s flashom jer nema sunca

  2. Ana, hvala =). Res je, škoda da ni sonca, je veliko lažje slikati na soncu.

  3. wow the third pic looks like you're in galaxy! love it!

  4. Helena, Tnx, If there comes a time when we'll swap polishes remind me to add one of my necklace to the package=)

    Minolah, thank you, but actually my finger are placed on my bed sheet =)


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