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Don't worry, today I'm not in the mood for writting an essay=). I'll be really quick.
This is the mani I've been wearing for the last 2 days. I Used Essence LE Return to the paradise 03 Back to paradise(2 coats) and than I applied a coat of Essence: Glisten up. Here are the pictures:

Because it was a cloudy day, I used flash instead of natural sun light( natural light is only on the first shoot)

A picture of polishes that I used:

And since I can upload 5 pictures at a time, here is another necklace that I made( about 14 days ago)
Carpe diem*


  1. lijepa kombinacija boje i flakiesa :) a sad svi vecinom slikavamo s flashom jer nema sunca

  2. Ana, hvala =). Res je, škoda da ni sonca, je veliko lažje slikati na soncu.

  3. that necklace is gorgeous! kiss

  4. wow the third pic looks like you're in galaxy! love it!

  5. Helena, Tnx, If there comes a time when we'll swap polishes remind me to add one of my necklace to the package=)

    Minolah, thank you, but actually my finger are placed on my bed sheet =)


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