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Here you can write down:
  • your opinion on my blog, my swatches, my style,my bad english.....
  • ideas or inspiration for a nail art
  • comparisons I should make
  • tutorials you'd like to see in my version
  • your expectations
  • you can challenge me
  •  or you can just write any random thoughts  =)

I hope we'll put this page in good use =)


  1. Hi! First of all, I do admire any bloggers who puts ample time into redoing/customizing blog layouts. I often find it really tedious (also lacking in knowledge to do so) which makes me too lazy to attempt any major changes. So... I just thought that the tabs above could be a little closer together and fit them all in a line for a tighter feel. Well, I kinda like seeing layouts a little more compact. I do look forward to see the final makeover! :D

    1. I think that in my post I didn't mention any layout changes. I only added a few pages on my blog for better organisation. MY aim is to change my style of writting my posts, to add more tutorials, more comparisons, DIY projects, maybe even something related to ingrediants since I'm a chemist.
      Thank you for your opinion,I really appreciate it. I'll defenitely have it in mind when (if) I start changing my layout. =)


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