Zoya Areey

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Today I'm going to show you one of the Zoyas I got from Amanda in a swap this September.

Zoya Areey is a beautiful vivid pink nail polish. It is super pigmented, because on some nails I got full coverage with the first coat, although I applied the second one. It dried really fast. Just a few minutes after the last coat of colour I added Konad from m79 and you can see that my ring finger has not been damaged by the pressure of the stamp. 

 When taking pictures I realised that I have similar ribbon somewhere. I just had to incorporate it in the picture =)

Something like this is usually my manicure when I'm in a hurry and I have no time to look for that perfect stamping plate. My favourite design used to be flowers form m64, but then I felt like I'm using it too much =)
Which is one your favourite design to use for stamping?

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