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Today I'll share with you the main reason why I started blogging again. This month I got and bought plenty of nail polishes and realised I just have to keep my blog alive, since my nail polish obsession has no limits and it is incurable. 

Here are all the lovely polishes I got in September!

From my father's trip to Bosnia:
Gabrini N 06, 20 and M 117
 I bought these at Akedemija Lepote in Slovenska Bistrica. I recently found out that they sell ChG there, which is my favourite brand of all time. I just had to go and check them out. While I was there I just couldn't resist to by one bottle of Morgan Taylor, to see what it has to offer. So far I'm impressed.
Morgan Taylor: Party at the Palaca, China Glaze: Custom Kicks, Sexy Silhuette, Fast Track
 In the end of the September DM had a special offer on Essie nail polish (buy 2 for the price of 1) so I just couldn't resist to buy these four polishes. Since I first tried Essie nail polishes I fall in love. Great wear time, lovely colours... Only the price is a bit higher, but still affordable, especially with special offers like this one (I spent 5€ per bottle)
Essie: Sand Tropez, Licorice, Lapiz of Luxury and Trophy Wife
 Some other purchases from this month:
Depend mirage 2052, H&M Duo and Essence wild white ways
 I also received a swap package from Amanda at The nail Polish Enthusiast. It was mainly her choice of colours and I just LOOOVE them =). Don't you agree?
Zoya Arrey, Perrie, Color Club: Miss Bliss, Eternal Beauty, Over the Moon, Milani: HI-RES

Julep: Kelsey, Jill, Simone, Angelica, Cassie, Adrianna, Ally, Sienna,Winter, Daisy 
 I don't know why blogger does this, but I cannot turn the picture upwards =(.
Revlon: Scandalous, Sparkling and Peach Smoothie

Nox Twilight: Citrus, Ruby Swing: Moonstone, LEX: Sweetie Pie, Milani:Doll Face

OPI: Embrace-Dare Ya!, Muir Muir on the Wall, ChG: Effin' Around, Nicole By OPI: Alex by the Books, Sephora By OPI: I gotta Blush on You, ORLY: R.I.P.
Crazy polish month, huh?

Since Essie is now my second favourite brand (if maybe not the best one) and one of the polishes reminded me of crazy times I had with my friends at college I just wanted to share this song with you =)
Wish you all a lovely start of the week.


  1. OMG! e ovo se zove novost u kolekciji *-*

    1. Hahaha, res je =). sem si rekla da preprosto morem začeti nazaj blog pisati, ker imam toliko stvari za nohte in bi bilo res škoda, če tega nebi delila z ostalimi puncami
      P.S. Ko gledam slike, sem se spomnila, da sem nekaj lakov in Red Angel šablone pozabila slikati =).


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