The struggle of finding a perfect yellow gold stamping polish is over!

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I'm not sure of you have this problem, but I have always wanted to find that perfect YELLOW GOLD stamping polish. I have quite a few gold polishes for stamping but none of them is not yellow, like real gold. ( It is actually funny how much I wanted a yellow gold polish, but I really hate wearing any king of gold jewellery). 
When looking at the Born Pretty Store stamping nail polish collection I noticed that #1 looked promising, but I did not expect much from it (because I've had a lot of gold polishes that were not good for stamping). It really surprised me when it arrived! It was that perfect yellow gold with great pigmentation that in my opinion every girl MUST have.
It cost's 8,42 $, (if you use my code you can get it for 7,58 $)

First I tried it over a red base. Red and gold combination is a classic for me. I used BP-L029 stamping plate and added some dots with dotting tool. The transfer of the desing was good (one flower is croocked because of my clumsines, not the polish)

Here I tested this stamping polish over black and white and you can see that it works over both bases, but it looks more yellowish when stamped over black. Again I used BP-L029 stamping plate.

I did a sloppy job at stamping here, but I just wanted to show you how it looks over different bases.

Here I used it also as a freehand nail art polish and because it is pigmented it worked great!

Which one is your perfect gold stamping polish? 

My opinion:

It is a great stamping polish (way better than Konad gold), it is not the cheapest out there, but for the quality and quantity (15 mL) you get it I think it is worth the money! It transfers great, but I did notice that it has a funky smell ( I got used to it, so now it does not bother me anymore). I will defenitely get myself some more (when I earn some money, since I'm broke at the moment).

You can use my code (COLLX31) at the checkout for 10 % discount.

This product was sent to me for a review.


  1. The first nail design is absolutely stunning. Love the combination of red and gold.

    1. Judy, gold and red combination is a classic for me. I love it =)

  2. I love the teal and gold combo, gorgeous

    1. Cali 369, I've always wanted to try warm gold with teal, but there was always something else I had to try first. Now I finally did and I think it won't be the last time =)

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