Nail Art Wednesdays #1

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Last week I was doing deep cleaning at my nail polish department (the whole space under my bed) and I realised that I have a lot of nail art related things (stripping tape, stickers, tip guides, decals, beads, rhinestones, foils, liners and pens etc.). Most of these thing have never been used and because I bought them to be used not to lay under my bed I decided to do nail art on Wednesdays.

I made myself a list of things I have and numbered them. Now I'll draw numbers and challenge myself in some nail art. I hope I'll make something pretty and wearable =).

For the first manicure I decided to do something easier, since I haven't used any nail art stuff (only stamping plates) in a while. I  used rhinestones I got in a swap in 2011. I'm really ashamed but these haven't been used before. It was about time to do something like this and get my nail art skills on a higher level.

I used:
Zoya Perrie 2 coats
Essie Good to Go

What do you think? 
Do you have a lot of nail art stuff that you don't use?

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