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Because I have a big shoe box of untried nail polishes I was looking for a fun way how to empty this box (if it could ever be emptied =)). After searching the web I found Untried Polish Challenge that was created by Jonochi from Just Add Polish! I can' wait for  "harder" parts of this challenge, because the first part of the challenge is super easy (just like a warm up). 
I decided to do this challenge of Fridays.

That's enough of introduction. Here is what I'm up with:

To add more fun to the first part of this challenge I decided to draw a nail polish from the bottom with my eyes closed. I draw Gabrini Summer Edition M117 (what a wonderful name?). Reddish pink with pink shimmer.
I applied 2 coats no top coat, it dried pretty fast.
Here are the pictures:

(sorry for my torn cuticle)

Hope you like?
Do you have a lot of untried nail polishes?
Would you join this challenge?


  1. This is a great idea. I lost count of how many untrieds I have. I'll do this challenge more than once.

    1. I had the same problem with collecting my untried nail polishes in a box. For some I really had no clue if I used them already or not =).
      I really don't know how this happen. I used to know the names for all of my polishes =)
      I hope you enjoy this challenge =).

    2. P.S. Keep me updated on how this challenge works for you =). We can motivate each other =)

  2. trebala bih se i sama prihvatiti ovog izazova, nikako se rješiti novih lakova, samo se množe čim ne gledam ;)

    1. A ko gledaš, so pa pri miru in se ne množijo? =))))
      Jaz nekatere vedno nazaj vračam, in imam nekatere že po 4 leta, pa jih še nisem uporabila (vem, sram me je lahko) =(.


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