BarryM Lady in Red

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Today I have pictures of BarryM Lady in Red prepared for you. This is one of the 5 nail polish that BarryM produced to celebrate their 30 years of making cosmetic products. (I'm still sorry I didn't buy that peach colour, because if it is at least half as good a this one, it is worth the attention)

On to the swatches:
I aplied 2 coats, the second probably just out of habit, since this one is super pigmented.
Because it's good pigmentation also works great with stamping. I once compared it to Konad special polish in Red and the winner was BarryM, not Konad.
The shimmer in this polish is just amazing. I really don't own anything similar.
Despite a lot of golden shimmer there are no visible brush lines.

Because the bottle of the polish says retro red and not Lady in Red I had to check on line for swatches and realised that there are not a lot of swatches of this polish which is quite sad, because this gorgeous colour should definitely get more attention. Shouldn't it?


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    1. Thank you =). I liked wearing it =). I hope it gets on my nails soon again =)


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