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Hi girls!

I wanted to show you my idea of office/ work appropriate nails =).
I took these picture in August 2012 and I haven't posted them before. My nails are currently really a mess so some times is really nice to have a backup picture =)

I used Look By Bipa Diamond Hardener 2 coats and Black Konad polish for stamping
I think I got my image from one unknown brand of stamping plates, but for all of you who like this image, you can also find it on Konad m3 IP.  

I know times changed and now vibrant colours on nails are really common these days , but for some jobs there still has to be a classic sheer/transparent manicure. Don't you agree?
My perfect job would be somewhere where I could wear anything I'd like =).
Do you have any problems with wearing vibrant colours  at your work?

Here is one very funny thought:
Many of you know that I study Chemistry, but I really don't talk about that a lot here =). My favourite part in chemistry is organic chemistry. Now you all probably think, great, go for it! But here's a little trick. In organic chemistry chemists use acetone, ethyl acetate and many other solvents on daily base. You can imagine what would that do to my freshly painted nails =). 

Do you have any problems with your nails/nail polish at work? 
Please share your toughs and experiences with me =)


  1. I think this is super cute for work safe polish. I like the look of naked nails with the stamping. :)

  2. luckily i have not come into a problem with my nail colour being a problem in my workplace.
    however, after just finishing a course on interviewing, job searching and how to get the job! i was told that even classic red can be too much for an interview;
    everything needs to be (as they called in) 'interview appropriate' which meant no big earrings, or fancy jewelry, black or grey or navy blazer, simple blouse, matching pants.. NUDE NAILS... blah. no jewelery.. etc etc

    man, i sure cant show off any part of my personality in an interview can i?

  3. Pomoje je pri vsaki službi malce omejitev pri izbiri laka za nohte. Vsaj, če se držiš osnovnih načel bontona in kodeksa oblačenja :) Pri nas sicer nihče ne reče nič, se pa vidi na sestankih, če pride kakšna "afna" z dolgimi tigrastimi geliranimi nohti, da jo manj resno jemljejo oz. jo čudno gledajo :)

  4. Nazalost trenutno nisam u labosu (al nadam se nadam) al se jos sjecam onih najgorih trenutaka jutro svjeze nalakirani nokti i slucajni spric acetona po rukama i unistena manikura, argh. srecom uvijek ima dovoljno otapala za skinut manikuru ako je unistis :D

  5. imam još negdje ovu bazu i na žalost, mojim noktima nije pomogla :(
    neki poslovi imaju dress code i s tim se moramo pomiriti ;)


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