China Glaze Short & Sassy

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it's been a long time ( more than 2 years to be more precise ). I suddenly got an urge to write something on my blog which needs a serious update.

This time I'm going to show a beautiful dark red shimmer-a classic from China Glaze, China Glaze Short & Sassy. This was probably one of the first nail polishes from China Glaze I liked and is probably the reason why my love for China Glaze emerged.

This pictures are from my archive and are at least 3 years old (sorry for the awfully dried out cuticle)
You can see how it comes to life in the sunlight. I never regret putting this one on my WL, the only thing I regret is that I wore it only once! (I know, shame on me)
I also played with some stripping tape, but it is more of a fail than a success. It looks like I'l have to play with tape more often.
I wish you all a lovely day and happy bogging!


  1. Hvala Sara =). Me je nekaj spet prijelo, in sem mogla it nekaj napisat =)

  2. krasna boja... ali nisam ljubitelj ovih trakica, uvijek neki problemi s njima ;)

    1. Ti traki so res smotani za uporabo. So pa fajn za stripping tape manikure =)


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