Swapping with Amanda =)

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Today I'm going to show you my swap pictures!
I've wanted to show you this pictures for such a long time, but there always came something in-between =(. Now I finally have some pictures to show you.
Firstly I have to warn you that there was MANY, MANY more but some items were for my friends and I gave things to them before I took pictures! Silly me!  I also have to mention that this were 3 big swap packages =). And me and Amanda are already working on another package =)

Who is Amanda? She is my fairy godmother when it comes to nail polish. She sent me my favourite nail polishes! She always puts a little extra in the package that brightens my day =). She is really the best! I seriously recommend to all of you to go check out her blog, The Nail Polish Enthusiast! Because we exchanged soooooo many awesome polishes we decided to do guest post, so stay tuned for that as well!
You re probably wondering what I got from her.
Again I should mention, that there was a lot more, but something went to my friends =)
Here are the amazing pictures:

Eos lip balms from my friends

Revlon Lip Butters, also for my friends 

 Revlon all scented: Cotton Candy, Sublime Strawberry, Mad about Mango, Gum Drop, Ocean Breeze and Mint Fizz
 China Glaze: Something Sweet, Light as Air, White Cap, Aqua Baby, Admire, Adore
 Color Club: I believe in Amour, Diva driver, Ms.Socialite, OPI: Overexposed in South Beach, Sparrow Me the Drama, Malaga Wine
 Sally Hansen: Pacific Blue, The Real Teal, Flirt, Sinful Colors: Hazard, Glass Pink, Purple Diamond
 Zoya: Valerie, Reva, Yasmeen and OPI Divine Swine

 Claire's scented bubble gum, Mood struck pink and purple, Claire's mood: Mellow crazy, awesome Silly

 ME:Developpe, Sally Hansen: opal, Elf: Lilac, Orly: Gum drop, Julep: Annette and Hard Candy: Bettle
and always loads of sweets =)

Like it?
I must say I LOVE each and every one of them =)


  1. Same lepote :)
    Zdaj pa hitro swatche delat

  2. Wow ! This nail polishes are lovely !
    I like them to much !

    Kisses :)

  3. wow, predobri lakići, zavidim ti, uživaj u njima :D

  4. Omg... they all look amazing. And I can't take my eye off OPI divine swine!

  5. So glad you loved it! Thanks so much for my package and the kind words <3

  6. I like your blog Im your 900 follower =)

  7. vau sami čudoviti lakci, ti kar zavidam :)

  8. O, vau! Tole pa je res fantastičen swap :D

  9. I think the nail polishes are amazing!


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