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Sorry for no posting for quite a while, I was really lazy and tired. Here is a polish that I wanted to show you for a while, but I was too lazy to show you.
It is 2 coats of flash orange form Loook by Bipa. It applied really well, but since I really don't like orange it went off my nails really fast. It was also really difficult to catch the real colour. The most color accurate picture is on the last picture.

Let's look at the pictures:

What do you think? It looks quite poisonous right?

Now off  to the HELP part =).

I entered a competition on facebook page, and I'd like to win, but for that I need as many likes as I can possibly get. So I'd like to ask all of you ladies that have facebook to like my picture on Facebook on this link(you have to like page Zapikonai too). Thank you all!


  1. Lijepo ti stoji ovaj lakić :)

    Imaš moj lajk ;)

  2. meni ne izgleda loše ;-)
    a fb profil nemam pa od glasa ništa :-(

  3. I'd vote for you if I had FB, good luck!

  4. <3 oranje ^^
    the colour of my country :D

  5. Dobri su mi ti lakovi od Bipe,ovaj ti baš lijepo stoji :)Lajk si dobila,sretno ;)

  6. Hei, daj pomagaj še funkcionalnim telebanom facebooka ki ne najdejo tvojega prispevka med vsemi fotografijami. :/ En kup sem jih že pregledala, pa nič. :S

  7. i love it!! great blog :) im your new follower i'd love if you follow me back


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