Flash orange got a tribal tattoo and a giveaway update =)

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Yesterday I showed you pictures of flash orange from Look By Bipa and today I'm going to show you how I upgraded this manicure with a little help from Bundle monster plate =).
I used Essence Black polish from B&W LE =).
Here is what I ended up with =):

I really don't like orange on my nails, this is why I removed this manicure really fast =).

What do you think about this one?
Do you like wearing orange on your nails? Do you like wearing orange clothes?

An now to the giveaway update =). 
I know what I'm going to do now is corruption, but as I stated in my previous post I entered a competition on facebook and I'd really like to get as many likes under my picture as I can get =). So to all of the girls that are going to like my picture I'm giving another 3 entries in my giveaway
P.S. You have to like zapikonai page before you can like my picture!

The girls that liked my picture yesterday already got bouns entries =).

Thank you for every like you are going to give me=)

When you like the picture on facebook, please leave me your facebook name in a comment =) 


  1. Good luck with the FB thing! :) Also I think orange suits you quite well though I know you're not loving it.

  2. good luck!! and that orange is an amazing color! :)

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  4. Meni so zadnje čase oranžni odtenki zelo všeč.

    Na mojem blogu te čaka nagrada. :)

  5. Super su ti noktići,i baš ti lijepo stoji ta boja,samo se treba naviknuti :))
    Ja sam neki dan imala isto narančastu prvi put u životu,isto mi se nije sviđalo kako mi stoji,ali nakon jednog dana sam se navikla,i sada mi se baš sviđa :))

  6. I like the photo as Wiktoria Sobol :))

  7. hi...i have already entered ur giveaway 2/3 days ago filling the form under the giveaway and now i liked ur picture on FB as Lucilla Dm and posted here the comment. is it correct?

  8. awesome giveaway :D i liked the shot.. for real actually, love the nail art design!

    my FB name is Femke Vrieswijk

  9. super mi je manikurica :-D
    meni narančasta kriminalno stoji... kupila sam jednom narančastu bluzu i kad sam ispred ogledala vidila kako mi stoji isti tren sam je poslala mami... prestrašno :-p
    niti narančaste nokte ne mogu gledat na sebi, ali boja mi nije mrska - naprotiv :-/

  10. My FB name is Senja Ukkonen!

  11. My FB namee is Monika Lintang Retnani. :)


  12. i liked it!!facebook: emily k*********r (sorry, i dont want to give out my full name, but i don't think there's another person with that name!):)g oodluck!!

  13. I already liked your picture a few days ago! Good idea to get votes!! :)

  14. YOU WON I THINK!!!! I see your name!!! WHOO@!! :)

  15. Kam pa je moj komentar izginil? :/

    Sem glasovala zate na fb pod imenom Sanela Vr :) In čestitke, dobila si nagrado :))))))))

  16. Good luck on the competition! You git 81 likes, Yay! My fb is Guel Beautyaddict

  17. I love ur nails <33
    My FB: Ilse Tapia.

  18. I liked your photo as Glazed Talons. I know it's last minute but I am going enter your giveaway! :-D

  19. I liked your photo! :) I'm Little Snail on fb! :)
    bye! :*

  20. hey, good luck!
    fb: alexandra ioana simon

  21. 'Like' your photo on FB /Elena Rudaya/

  22. Well I tried to like it, but for some reason it does not give me a "like" link by your photo... all others it does, but yours does not have that link :(

    Hope you win!



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