Back from break with loads of pictures =)

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It's been a long time since I've written my last post, and I do apologise to all of you, my dear readers, but I realised, that I spend way too much time on the internet since I'm the blogsphere. And probably if Nail crazy hadn't sent such a lovely mail , I probably wouldn't have come back for a while. 
Thank you Nail crazy!

And since It's been such a long time I didn't know where to start, but I decided that I'll start with some good news ( for me).

I won 2 giveaways in one week, but of course, because I haven't been around much, I wasn't able to show you pictures before. 

But here they are now:
The first one I hot from Summer from The Dollhouse Diary
I'ts OPI: Miami beet 

and the second I got from Martje from Girly-Addictions
You can see that there is loads of things, but my favourite is definitely the card <3
These were my first giveaways I won(and probably last)

Thank you both!

I also did 2 swaps, but I only have pictures from the first one, and I'd love to take pictures of the second, but I have all the thing I hot at my student dormous, and I dodn't know when I'll go there again, but when I do, I'll definitely take some pictures =).

The first swap I made with Vetten from Vettelicious
We agreed only for 2 nail polish rings, but look at the picture, I got way more than only 2 rings. I love everything I got, and I can't wait to try it. I already wore the rings, but sadly I haven't taken any pictures.

The second swap I made with Martje from Girly Addictions

I got 2 GORGEOUS holographic polishes from Teez and also 2 Vichy products. I already wore one of the polishes, but I didn't take any pictures =(. This was probably my intention, because I don't have pictures, I definitely have to wear it once really soon =).

I'll show some pictures of this swap as soon as possible =). 

Thank you both, for the lovely thing I got. I definitely loooooooove them =).

Now to the sad part. You probably noticed that I still haven't declared my GA winner. I'm really not sure when I'll do that since I got a lot of entries and I don't know when I'll have enough time to go through all the entries. Hopefully as soon as possible =)

This is it for this post. I'l probably be back with some nails pretty fast, because I have loads of manicures to share with you =)


  1. Drago mi je da si se vratila,čekam slićice ;)))

  2. Welcome back! :) Super stvari si dobila v swapih <3 Pa me veseli, da ti je lakec všeč!

  3. Welcome back :) Happy to see you posting again, and glad you like the extras in the swap!

  4. eto na, sad sa ja kriva za sve ;-p
    stvarno si bila vrijedna - 2 nagrade i 2 swapa - svaka čast :-D
    čestitka je GENIJALNA!

  5. Glad to have you back! I missed your lovely nails! :)

  6. This is gorgeous, glad you're back and doing well. (:

  7. Aa, tu si. :) Sm ti že hotla tud jaz napisat en mail, kam si pobegnila. Te čisto razumem, jaz naj bi imela brejk od interneta, pa poglej, spet sem tu. :) Lepo da si nazaj!

  8. Biba, hvala =). Še posebej sem vesela, ker ste me vse tako lepo sprejele nazaj =)

    Nina, hvala. Upam da te slike ne bodo razočarala =)

    Summer, lak je res čudovit, komaj čakam, da naredim celotno manikuro z njim =).

    Jette, everything was really awesome. I can't wait to try the hello kitty fimo stick =). And everybody compliments the rings =)

    Nail crazy, ne vem kaj je s tem. Vedno imaš prste zraven! =)

    Amber, thank you for your warm welcome back =)

    Minty, thank you. All comments made me feel soo good =)

    Vintage MakeUp, thank you for your welcome back greting too =)

    Olivia, thank you =)

    Ulmiel, ja, tuu sem. Hvala za tako lepo dobrodošlico. Morem priznati, da sem res pogrešala tako lepe komentarje, in tako super punce =))))).
    Sem imela v originalu narediti popolen konec, ampak sem po 1 mesecu preveč pogrešala vse skupaj, pa tudi slikovnega materiala se je začelo kar preveč nabirat =))).

    Thank you alll for sooooooo kind comments, they really made my day a looot better =)

  9. Congrats on winner those giveaways~ Im happy ur back!


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