I love dots! Do I ?

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This is another pre prepared post, because I'm in the capital, and I don't carry my lap top with me there so I have no other connection to internet but the library, but I think people will look at me like I'm a freak if I'd be writing a post about nail polish there, especially because it is a library for science geeks( chemistry, pharmacy, mathematics, physics, medicine, engineering,...). 

Today I have a picture of a manicure that I cannot decide if I like or not. Firstly is the base color( Orly Calypso Breeze), I'm really not sure whether I like this color or not. When I bought it, I liked it a lot, and than I was looking at it at home and I was thinking what the hell was I thinking to buy this one. It was the same when I had it on the nails, but the opposite, firstly I hated it, but than I liked it, and when I started to like the color, I made dots on the base and then I suddenly hated it again, and this story goes on and on... In the end I decided that I'm going to remove it, but when I looked at the pictures I said to myself that it wasn't so bad at all, so I decided that it needs a second chance, but this is a story for another post =).

All a have to do is to show you the pictures, and I hope you'll be able to decide if you like it or not, because I'm still undecided =)

I used Sally Hansen Extreme Wear: Blue it for and a tooth pick for dots =)

Of course I had to show you earrings that I made especially for myself =)

I just realised that I forgot to take a shade picture, because it is way darker in shade. 
Tomorrow I'm going to show you Calypso Breeze with konad =)


  1. Blue is my least favourite nail colour so I'm unsure about this mani. You did a beautiful, beautiful job but blue just isn't my thing.

  2. Super!!!I mene u zadnje vrijeme "puca" plava boja,a točkice obožavam,tako da ču te sigurno iskopirati ;))A naušnice su predobre!!!

  3. I like it! The blue on blue is subtle but pretty.

  4. Ma, super je!! :) Je pa res, da jaz tudi ne bi izbrala te barve s stojalca. :) Ampak kombinacija mi je pa zelo všeč!

  5. Dots are always Great!! :) and you've done them so perfectly!! I love the blue on blue :) And the earrings are sooo pretty.. Can I have them please??? Lol!! :)

  6. ma sviđa ti se, svima se sviđaju točkice :-D
    naušnice si stvarno sama napravila? genijalne su!!!

  7. Haha si bla v CTK-ju? :) Drugače pa super nohti

  8. Manikura je prekrasna in Orly tudi.
    Uhane pa bi ti najraje ukradla.

  9. divno <3 i poprilicno sam sigurna da te bar kemicarke ne bi cudno gledale,uglavnom sve volimo kozmetiku :)


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