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Today I have another blue polish for you(Deborah Sense tech 100% mat 10). I really don't know what is with me and blue lately, because I've always been a big fan of reds and purples, but lately all I want is blue =).
It was a love at first sight, and to tell you honestly I still love it despite what it did to me. I'll tell you about that later, because firstly I want to show you some pictures.
Here they are:

As you can see I also added some black flowers from essence stampy plate. 
I'm really sorry about the bad picture quality, but these were taken at night also in Ljubljana, and I don't have a daylight light bulb, but I really have to start tinking about investing in one. 
The polish has a pretty suede finish, because of the sliver and blue glitter in it. I really have to take some better pictures of this one, and I also have to show you some top coat pictures, because it looks awesome with top coat. 

I also promised to explain what this polish did to me. Actually there is not a big story behind, all this polish did was, that is stained my nails really badly. Today is the 5th day from the removal and my nails are stil a bit blue =(. But it is so beautiful that I forgive it that =). 
Here is another more blurry picture, but I really like the composition =)

The staining part was the only thing I disliked a bout the polish, the rest was a pure poetry. It applied as a butter, dried amazingly fast, not to mention that it was opaque in only ONE coat. 

Have a nice day=)


  1. Very nice color & finish! Sorry about the staining. :(

  2. I love it!

    The flowers add a nice touch.

  3. Res je lep. Meni so zadnje čase tudi zelo všeč modri laki.

  4. Krasen je ja :). Na sreco jaz vedno uporabim podlak..

    Zadnja slikica mi je pa top!

  5. So pretty! :) I love the flower stamping!!

  6. Gledam ga več jedno mjesec dana,malo mi je skup,ali sada kada ga vidim na tvojim noktima,moram ga imati!!!A cvjetići su ti super ispali :)

  7. super lakić, i stamping lajkam :-D

  8. ajme divan je, zasto mi nemamo ovu nijansu u njihovom asortimanu :(

  9. Awesome, amazing & outstanding all rolled into1 giveaway!

    TYVM for the chance to win such LOVELY items xxoo


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