Have you seen mommy kissing santa?

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Hi ladies!

I know that all of you saw mommy kissing santa from China Glaze, but have you seen your mother kissing santa? I haven't =)

Today I'm going to show you another nail polish that is a complete opposite to what most girls wear at this time of the year. As I told you many times before I'm crazy about shimmer and this is why I had to try this one out as soon as possible, and I don't care if spring is not a perfect time for winter reds =). I don't know if you know, but this one was a gift from Ivana
Thank you dear!

I'm not going to talk any more. 
Here are the pictures (but I must warn you, that they are really bad and I'm sorry for that):

It was late at night and I didn't want to be to loud preparing my light bulb tu make better pictures. I hope you'll still come to visit my blog again though I have a series of  bad pictures prepared for you =).

Have a nice day =)


  1. This color looks so amazing on you!

  2. slike ti uopce nisu lose :) a ovo mi je bilo na wl ali nakon toliko swatcheva vise mi nije nesto, mozda i jer je bozic prosao

  3. This is a perfect winter/Christmas shade, as the name implies!

  4. Izgleda zelo lepo na tebi, me veseli da ti je všeč. :)

  5. femktje, IU totally agree =)

    Minty, thank you =)

    Lendoxi, ti popolnoma verjamem, ampak meni je še vseeno božanski. Saj bo hitro božič,pa ti bo zopet všeč =)

    Vintage Makeup, I really love the name, and you are right, it is perfect for christmas =)

    Carolajna, thank you =9

    Ivana, hvala ti =))))


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