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It's Guest Nails! Friday again =). This week I'm hosting Rosey from roseylicious. She prepared us something beautiful an classy in black and red combination. Let's see what she prepared =):


Hi everyone! I'm Rosey, and I blog about love and nail polish. I often post what I did with my nails and from time to time, I share how it feels to be in an LDR. I've been thousands of miles away from my gwapo boyfriend after he migrated to Canada, and ever since, it was never easy. But rather than sitting and crying since he's away, I do things to keep me busy. Lo and behold, nail polish, nail stuff and the blog world has been keeping my sanity intact, and since then my nail polish collection has grown exponentially before I knew it. *LOL* Dumb as it sounds, but seriously, nail polish makes me happy. LDR blows but everything has it's silver lining-- I have lost count of how much nail stuff my gwapo boyfriend has gotten me already. Haha, I'm just kidding, but half-meant. *LOL* What I'd like everyone to know though is that LDR is definitely do-able-- you just have to want it enough. Want it big time, with or without nail polish. Wait, did I say without nail polish? Nah, that isn't right, I'll have to think about it! *guffaw*  Okay, enough of that. It has been a pretty long introduction! Forgive me. *grins*  

This is what I have for you today.

After 2 weeks of contemplating what to share with you guys, I decided that for this guest post, I’ll use my very first Eyeko Nail Polish my gwapo boyfriend got for me. So for the base polish, I used Eyeko Vampira Polish which is described as “lust-worthy glossy black lacquer dripping with blood red shimmer” by Eyeko.
This is actually my first time to wear a black nail polish because I’m afraid I’d look like a 13-year old wannabe-punk. *LOL* I know this isn’t so apt with Spring nor Summer (it’s Summer here right now in my country), call me a criminal, but that’s how I roll! *big grin*

I used three coats. You can get away with two but I want it a bit more intense. It’s with a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.
And these are what I used:

Though the polish is already sexy and gorgeous alone, I stamped it with heart designs on the Soft Stamp A11 using San San Nail Polish in Ruby Red (a local polish here in the Philippines). It’s my first time to try soft stamping so please excuse my amateur-ish application. 

 I hope you guys like it. A big thanks to you Dolores for giving me a space here. I appreciate it very much.
Thanks for reading! A nice weekend for everyone! =)

This manicure is really beautiful. I like it a lot, and I think all of my readers will like it too. I bet nobody thought you are a 13 year old punk with these beautiful hearts on your nails =)

My dear readers: What do you think? Do you like it or love it?
Are you going to join Guest Nails! someday?

All of those who want to participate in guest nails please send me a mail on dolores dot zimerl at gmail dot com.

Have a nice day =)


  1. looks hot! I'm definitely going to be trying something like this my next mani day. :D

  2. the nails look gorgeous!

  3. Huh? I have this polish in my stash. Looks gorge on you...I'm soo digging this one out.


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