In desperate need of China Glaze DV8

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Hi ladies!
Another post for today. I saw that Ivana made a post searching for a polish and she was successful, so I decided I'll try my luck.

So to the question:
Is there a lady that can get me China Glaze DV8?
I know that is discountinued, and very hard to get, but I would looove to have it, and it doesn't mater if it's half empty, just that I get it. Anyway if you have it and you are willing to swap it with me, please contact me at dolores dot zimerl at gmail dot com. I promise you won't regret your decision. ( And this probably sounded like a bad commercial LOL)


  1. Če dobiš več ponudb, let me know. ;) :D

  2. evo, da ga ja imam, odmah bih ti ga dala kad tako fino moliš :-)
    ne znam baš hoćeš li uspjeti ali držim ti fige :-)

  3. Ulmiel, nič ponudb še ni bilo =(

    nail crazy, hvala za držanje fig, a ni nič pomagalo, ampak zaj ga tako ne potrebujem, ko sem pa tak čudovit paketek dobila =)


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